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Castle Crashers

by mateo360, dscruffy1, Miz Kriss, shibbotech

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Original Thread: Let's Finish Castle Crashers: We're Not Dead Yet



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The Game
Castle Crashers is a side scrolling beat-um up. Made by Tom Fulp of Newgrounds “fame”. This being a Newgrounds product, expect a lot of questionable humor and memes from years ago. While it can be played single player, it is more fun to bring 3 more bumbling fools friends along to not only be a bonding experience but also unlock a little more to the game.

The LP
This is a casual 4-player run of the game. I do not intend to 100% the game but we will probably backtrack for things we know we missed. just finish the damn game already

Meet the Knights

mateo360 the Leader
Will be trying to keep everyone going in the right direction. Most likely to die a lot.

dscruffy1 The Fighter
Will be throwing everything he's got at the enemy. You're not his dad, you can't tell him what to do. Most likely to be confused.

Miz Kriss the Girl
Will be excited by her Rainbow spell and the cute creatures she summons. Most likely to be off sync.

shibbotech the Medic Greedy Disillusioned Dick with a Flourish Fat Bastard Many Named
Will be trying to take everything and is not sorry for it. Most likely to swear and piss off Scruffy.


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