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Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge

by Simply Simon

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Original Thread: Castlevania II: No Chillstopher Belmont's Revenge



Find out about Chillstopher's first Adventure here!

: Fuck with my son and find out what happens if I get a move on...

Hello everybody! It's time for the exciting, action-packed sequel to Chillstopher's slow and steady first Adventure! It's bigger, it's better and it has actual polish to it! Yes, this is from an era in games where getting a sequel could mean a vast improvement. It's obvious that the developers didn't know what to do with the Game Boy's hardware at all, and how could they, it being the first year of the console's existence? Well, it's 1991 now, the cartridge size has doubled, and Chillstopher suddenly knows how to move without having to consider his next action for half a year. He's still kinda slow but hey - it's been 15 years. He's probably got knee problems as an excuse now.

There are again four choose from at the start! While we won't get a different weapon at the end of each to defeat the next boss quicker, it's a nice thing to see because it means that if you get stuck somewhere, you can just try a different level before you get frustrated. A huge, huge quality of life improvement just for the ability to finish the damn thing is the introduction of a password system, meaning you don't have to beat the entire game in one go. And finally, a very pleasant surprise, mid-level continue points. Should have just dropped the life system entirely then imo but you can't demand that of a game from back then, of course.

Hearts are now ammo again so the series superfans don't get confused or something, and health is hidden in walls (boo!). Christopher has now access to two special weapons instead of none. He doesn't instantly lose his whip powerup anymore (!!!), only after taking a certain amount of damage. Bosses still have to be activated by a weird flashing orb, but at least it's a little more dramatic this time.

I found the Manual again, but no good scans of it, unfortunately. So I'll leave the link for you if you want to destroy your eyes trying to read it instead of blurry pictures. Check out that terrible pun at the start, though!

I butcher the explanation in the first video a little, so again, taken from the manual and nowhere else because I don't care if it was retconned later: Christopher has a son called Soleiyu (that's a weird choice for someone with a basic-ass name as him, with a grandfather named "Trevor" and a grandson called "Simon", but I digress), and 15 years after Dracula was "defeated", it's time for Soleiyu's coming of age ceremony. This apparently involves him receiving the mystic Belmont family powers of "able to whip dracula into submission" and after he'll be a proud vampire hunter, which makes little sense because for all they know, Christopher took care of the vampire problem quite nicely not too long ago. But people who watched the credits to the end obviously know he didn't, so it's probably a smart move anyway.
The manual claims that Dracula survived the castle's collapse by turning into mist, and that he's now trapped in that form because he lost a lot of his powers. Seeing as he flew away in bat form at the end of Adventure, that's obviously bullshit, but I never claimed the manual's story made sense. Anyway, Drac is pissed with the general situation but senses a chance to revive by using the undefined powers of the Belmonts against them. Employing the last of his strength, he transforms Soleiyu into a demon, who then Belmont-magics Dracula back alive. Drac then builds four castles overnight just because he can. Everyone is rightfully confused about what the fuck just happened (as am I), but because Christopher was always quite a smart protagonist (seeing as he didn't want to do all of that shit in his first game), he figures out what's up immediately.

Fueled by the powers of dadass, he takes up the whip again, finds a backpack with an axe and holy water compartment, and goes off to finish the job.

As I have hinted at in the last thread, this game is completely new to me, so I'll take this as an opportunity to do a blind run. Depending on how well I do and how much interest there is, I might do a second set of videos with practiced gameplay and - to emphasize the difference and because I honestly forgot to do this from the get-go - on the Game Boy Color version of the game. First, however, I will complete it fully blind and get feedback from you guys, so hope you don't hate me discovering things too much! If I die too often, I'll of course edit, but I think the first video is an okay amount of replaying and figuring things out. Please complain if you find it boring, though, and I'll try to improve.

Stage thoughts I Stage thoughts II Stage thoughts III Stage thoughts IV

Stage thoughts CV1 Stage thoughts CV2

Final thoughts

Composer Hidehiro Funauchi did an amazing job with the tools he was given. It's rare to hear a Game Boy game utilize the hardware so well; with just a few missteps, there's some very solid basslines and sick harmonies here. Apart from the overall quality, there's also some wonderfully fun standout tracks, my personal favourites being Praying Hands and Psycho Warrior. Definitely a classic, though personally I prefer the crazier melodies of the first game; objectively, these are probably better and more varied composition though.

Castle [Password]
Journey to Chaos [Stage Select]
Castle #2 [Stage Map]

Ripe Seeds [Plant Castle]
Psycho Warrior [Rock Castle]
Praying Hands [Cloud Castle]
New Messiah [Crystal Castle]

Road of Enemy [Before Boss]
Evil Gods [Boss Fight]

Original Sin [Dracula's Castle Part 1]
Passepied [Dracula's Castle Part 2]

Soleiyu's Room
Faith [Talking to Soleiyu]
Chromatische Phantasie [Soleiyu Battle]

Road of Enemy #2 [Before Dracula]
Sons of Satan [Dracula Battle]

Union [Ending]
The End of the Day [Staff Roll]
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