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Part 3: Stage 3

This stage is a tragic travesty. Or a travestic tragedy. It's a fucking Castlevania Clock Tower, it's meant to be serious shit, and in Legends? It's, like, three moving platforms in total, which is somehow the entirety of those in the entire game. I have never seen a platformer that just eschews the idea of moving platforms instead of going "well they're technically an obstacle". I thought just putting random moving platforms somewhere was the most lazy way to design a jumping puzzle or whatever you want to call it. I was wrong.

This stage convinced me that this game is boring garbage, and I adjusted the editing accordingly. You're welcome to join me in mockery.

Apart from how terrible it is that there is nothing to the stage at all, there's not much else to say. They go for "rope shit" like the other Game Boy games (and because of stuff like this, how the whip upgrades work and other small things like the [atrocious] password system, I do consider these games a trilogy), but do it worse than Adventure, somehow. Revenge nailed it, but Legends, as almost always, just doesn't get it. The rope dudes are so fucking bad, I want to cry.

EDIT: Jesus Christ I completely forgot to comment on the boss. It's DEATH and I forgot to comment on him. That's all the comments this guy needs. Freakin' non-memorable AI-challenged "Grim Reaper" Death. How utterly pathetic.

EDIT²: Right as I make the final updates, I realize I have artwork of the dragon miniboss in this stage lying around unused. Guess who forgot about ANOTHER boss?! It's in the update and OP images now.


The Clock Tower of Darkness (Stage 3)