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Part 4: Stage 4

Already forgot everything about the stage again. Okay, I edited this video before a two-week vacation, but still. There's some moving ropes that are a pain in the ass to use but hey, a level gimmick?!??!?! They can, but they don't most of the time. The spiders are a semi-interesting enemy which would be right at place in the first or second level of an actually good game. The big sword knights can suck my nards, I have no idea how they work and I suspect the game doesn't either.

Aaand I just remembered that there's a miniboss in this stage. Actually had to go back and change the picture for that because damn, Medusa. What a non-event.

First glimpse of BURNING!!! mode.

A severe "lol" at Alucard. The boss that might be a roadblock if you couldn't loop him easier than Luigi Raceway in Mario Kart 64. Also, what the fuck is his role in the story? He meets, befriends and sleeps with Sonia, at some point leaves her to deal with devil dad but tells her about Castlevania and where to find it, apparently just expecting that she's like "cool, see you later bae, good to know that you're not in the local whorehouse"? Then when she actually shows up after having fought through all of the castle (remember: top floor), he gets super indignant and thinks she's tooootally not up for Drac. Sonia then humiliates him so hard that he decides to sleep for a hundred-odd years like that's a reasonable response to a rough whipping session he wished for himself. IGA probably erased Legends from the timeline because Alucard is so pathetic in it. Even Sonia doesn't try to convince him to stay awake instead of scurring away tail between legs. What a loser.

Also, thanks for mentioning the trap door, asshole. You're lucky Symphony and your contributions in CV3 are so good.


Highest Castle Floor (Stage 4)
The Castle Lord's Room

Gatekeeper (Mini-Boss)
Alucard Battle