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by valkhorn

Part 18: Part 18 and Part 19

Big update today. I'm not sure how my weekend is looking and it's possible I may or may not be able to upload or work on anything on Saturday. Plus, the bonus video goes well with the current LP, and it's a good time to release it. That gives me time to not worry about it for part 20, which will require a bit of editing more than usual...

I edited part 18 quite a bit to improve on the commentary - so let me know what you guys think. Part 19 shows off a lot of requests, and I'll probably do another Bonus video or two.

I'm thinking about putting the 'tactics' for each boss in separate videos just for reference purposes. Let me know what you guys think. It wouldn't take long to record them for posterity and for this LP. They just didn't fit well into the bonus video.

So here goes:

Part 18 - The Clock Tower

YT Description:


It's time to head to the Clock Tower - but it's not exactly 10:04 PM. In this episode, we don the mirror cuirass in order to take care of an area with a crapload of floating medusa heads. There are also a few 'wall meats' that I skip - but we don't need any at this point. There is also a new boss that surprised me a little in the video because I forgot all about him. He's easy to deal with. Corner him and holy water him. I also realize that I forgot to show off the ghost familiar. I will in the next normal video (part 20).

Strong: Dark
Level: 22
HP: 500
Exp: 1000

Drop: Resist Dark, Ring of Feanor
Guard: Life Vessel

Part 19 - Bonus Video 1

YT Description:


This is the first BONUS content video. In this video we show off:

* Gaibon and Slogra at the entrance
* Defeating Dracula at the beginning in under a minute
* What Luck of 999 is like
* What the Duplicator does
* Those pesky birds in the outer wall
* Joseph's Cloak (and other items in the library)
* Boss Tactics (from the Librarian)
* The spells (or at least most of them)

I realized the 'boss tactics' for Dracula were going to take way longer than I wanted to show - and they're really not very useful, so I cut that out a bit. If you'd rather see more of it or all of any boss let me know. Since it behooves us to get a quick attack for Dracula, it makes no sense to take 10 minutes defeating him.

I didn't completely show off all the spells because with my controller it's a chore to get them to work when I'm actually attacking an enemy. If you want me to do more with them, let me know. I hate the spells - and no you don't have to buy them from the librarian to use them. I did that so I could show what to press for them onscreen.

Also, this is from an ENTIRELY SEPARATE playthrough from the original LP. This playthrough does use a little hacking so I can get 999 Luck, and so I don't have to grind for 15 hours to get the money for the duplicator. You can glitch to get the duplicator (google sword brothers glitch), but you'll see the duplicator makes the game a little too ridiculously easy.

I'm open to showing rare drops for any monster - but I can't show all of them. Request a monster/rare drop and I'll try to find it.

Now I have to get the 2nd game caught up with the first, as well.