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Part 25: Duplicator and Items Spectactular

Part 27 - Duplicator and Items Spectactular
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Since I wasn't satisfied with the last video, I reloaded the save file from just before entering the Reverse Caverns in order to show off how to get the duplicator without grinding for money using a well known Sword Familiar glitch. I then go through a bunch of items I collected and use them against enemies so you can see what they do. I also use the spells on some enemies so you can see that - and I get the lightning mail which I missed a few videos back. Finally, I go to the clock to talk about the subweapons (since they're all consolidated there) and use them against seriously strong enemies - and compare them to the duplicator and other single use items. The sword brothers glitch is very easy to pull off - but again you MUST have your sword familiar at or higher than level 50. On the next video I will grab a teleporter nearby, and skip ahead a bit to where we left off in video 26.

Hopefully this demonstrates items a bit and makes up for the holes I neglected to cover up in earlier videos. I will finish out the reverse caverns to the teleporter as I did in video 26 off screen, but on screen I will finish out the reverse caverns, then exit to the Marble Gallery and then probably go to Death Wing's Lair.