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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

by valkhorn

Part 27: Necromancy Laboratory

Part 29 - Necromancy Laboratory


It's time to go to the Necromancy Laboratory - but not before we grab a teleporter in Deathwing's Lair, and a Dark Shield from a rare drop enemy. Along the way, I fight a strong but invisible enemy, and work up one hell of an appetite and eat about 6 whole turkeys. I have to go back to pick up a room I forgot and the Power of Sire. The Power of Sire combined with the duplicator gets ridiculous, but it's amusing. I'm also surprised that it even works on the next boss enemy, but it does, and I go back to defeat him normally. He's about as interesting as Granfaloon and it's worth spending a little extra time on him. Yes, I'm aware that he's not the Lord of the Bees - or the dance. After that's over, we wrap up the Laboratory, and get yet another rare drop item that's rather flame-boyant.

Thanks to this episode, Bohemian Rhapsody is now stuck in my head. Maybe you can guess why...

New Boss: