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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

by valkhorn

Part 28: Reverse Colosseum

Part 30 - Reverse Colosseum


This time, I give Alucard a dayglo cloak straight out of 1989. I demonstrate a few new shields, and a few new 'single use' weapons including fire based weapons - which might become useful wrapping up against a particular enemy - if you get my drift. As we head towards the Reverse Colosseum and briefly visit the Anti-Chapel, we come across zombie versions of our old friends from Castlevania III - Grant, Trevor, and Sypha. Each have unique attacks, but they're no match for us. I then go back into Deathwing's Lair to face floating zombies, Karasumans, and a boss enemy that's a bit of a joke. Just like any other game, we all know that mummies can always be set on fire. By the way, the Lapis Lazuli I mentioned can be found from the Orborous in the Reverse Entrance and not here. The Rune Sword (what I'm using through half of this episode) is a rare drop from the Dodo in the Reverse Entrance east of the entrance to the Reverse Caverns. The Mablung Sword is the rare drop I skipped in the Anti-Chapel, and I'm still unsure if I'll go for it. The shield rod works anyway since I would always want to switch weapons after casting whatever spells you might want. And, even if you cast the Alucard Shield spell, you won't need a weapon anyway, really. I promise the cloak will be a different color in the next episode.

New Bosses:
Akmodan II
Fake Trevor, Grant, Sypha