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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

by valkhorn

Part 29: Anti-Chapel

Part 31 - Anti-Chapel


It's time to change the cloak colors once again - and this time I settle on something I rather like. I finish off Death Wing's Lair, do a bit of map marking, and get a remaining room in the Reverse Colosseum. There's also a link between the Anti-Chapel and the Necromancy Lab that I did not get either until this episode. There are a few neat enemies here including living tombstones, but there are also annoying ones like Balloon Pods. There is one boss enemy, and she tries to get us stoned, but we prevail.

Boss Tactics - Medusa

Note: There will probably be at the most 2 more videos after this. Possibly 3. As this LP draws to a close I welcome any last minute suggestions for the remaining videos or potential further bonus content.