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Original Thread: A Catherine Let's Play has appeared. It's the killer! Do not die.



A Catherine Let's Play has appeared. It's the killer! Do not die.

"Catherine" is the story of the worst week of Vincent Brooks' life.
He's the little guy with ram's horns in suggestive positions.
It's also about sheep, blocks and EDGE.

About the game

Developed by the team behind Persona 3 and Persona 4 as their first HD release, Catherine is a serious departure for them while still maintaining certain elements from their previous games.

It's a game about adultery and relationships that is also an action-puzzle game. Just the first part of that sentence would be enough to make it almost unique. It's also really hard if you're playing on Normal or above, though rarely to the point of frustration in my experience.

About the LP

This will be a heavily edited semi-blind run. I have completed Normal a few times and done a bunch of the bonus content, but I have not yet touched Hard, and that's what you'll be seeing. Hard is almost a different game from normal, with different or more difficult puzzle layouts, less power-ups, more aggressive enemies and a far steeper learning curve.

I'll also have videos of Gold runs on each level.

NSFW warning. This is not a hentai or a dating game, there is no actual sex, but there will be NSFW videos due to (TV safe) nudity or weird images. I'll keep them properly tagged.

About Voting

There are many choices Vincent can make through the game that will determine his fate, and as part of the thread goons voted on how he should respond. There were two different sets of votes.
The approval votes tracked the thread’s opinion of Catherine and Katherine, and I used the thread’s overall approval of them to determine how Vincent reacted to them and other real-world choices.
The confessional votes were for when Vincent is posed a question in a confessional in the nightmare. You’ll see my reaction to the confessional question in the videos, but after the goons voted I went back and changed the answer to what they said. You can see the graphs of all the confessional votes in the spoiler index linked below.

Episode Index

Update 1: The Underground Cemetery

Update 2: Paul is dead

Update 3 - The Prison of Despair (cont.)

Update 4: A Mistake (NSFW)

Update 5: Stray Sheep, 2nd day

Update 6: The Torture Chamber

Update 7: DAT ASS! (NSFW)

Update 8: Good News

Update 9: Stray Sheep, day 3

Update 10: The Inquisition

Sidenote: Let Down (your golden hair)

Update 11: The Cath Came Back (nsfw)

Update 12: Stray Sheep, Fourth Night

Update 13: The Quadrangle
(featuring the unluckiest sheep in the world)

Update 14: The Quadrangle (cont)

Update 15: A Strange Voice

Update 16: Stray Sheep, day 5

Update 17: The Clock Tower

Update 18: Welcome to the Machine

Update 19: Pest Control

Update 20: Stray Sheep, Sixth Day

Update 21: The Spiral Corridor

Update 22: Massive and potential

Update 23: The Thing Holding You Back

Update 24: Resolution

Extra Update: In Another, Crueler World

Update 25: On the Edge

Update 26: The Cathedral

Update 27: The Wager

Update 28: Good company

Update 29: The Empireo

Update 30: Scary Monsters, Super Sheep

Update 31: The Mutton Special

Update 32: Victory, and a Future

Meeting certain score targets gets you the gold prize for that level, earning you access to achievements and post-game content.

Gold Run 1: The Underground Cemetery
Gold Run 2: The Prison of Despair
Gold Run 3: The Torture Chamber (NSFW)
Gold Run 4: The Inquisition
Gold Run 5: The Quadrangle
Gold Run 6: The Clock Tower
Gold Run 7: The Spiral Corridor
Gold Run 9: The Empireo

Not putting up a gold run for 8 because I got Gold in the original video!


The Protagonist and his girlfriend(s)

Vincent Brooks is a 32 year old man fighting the passage of time into middle age and responsibility with everything he has, which isn't a lot, so he's mostly trying to ignore it.

Katherine McBride is organized, upwardly-mobile, and really quite interested in this "commitment" thing she's told Vincent about.

Catherine is a free-spirited girl Vincent meets in a bar. She's ten years his younger, adventurous, and just a little bit scary...

His friends

Orlando Haddick works at the same company as Vincent (in fact he got him his job) and is a friend from Vincent's childhood. He is resentful of his ex-wife and apparently a fan of get-rich-quick schemes.

Jonny Ariga is a second-hand car dealer who works at his father's shop, who has known Vincent ever since they were kids. A little too much of an idealist, in that he refuses to marry anyone who he doesn't feel is his soulmate, (and has told his current girlfriend that...)

One of Johnny's mechanics, Toby Nebbins is younger than the core group and eager to fit in with the older guys, but lacks life experience.

The Stray Sheep bar

Boss is the bartender at the Stray Sheep. Rumors say he was quite a player, back in the day, but it must have been some time ago. He still likes to dispense romantic advice to Vincent, normally in the form of someone else's quote.

Erica Anderson is the waitress at the Stray Sheep. She's friendly, and loves to spread rumors and gossip. She was friends with Vincent back in school.

Lindsay and Martha Uspenski are a pair of twins with some cryptic advice.

Todd Bozeman is a successful businessman. His regent hair is said to resemble a rooster, appropriate since his company is "Bantam Suits." Its jingle will never be as successful as Junes'.

Archie Wallace is a man with long hair who works at Bantam Suits with his boss, Todd.

Justin Bailey (seriously?) is a glasses-wearing journalist who is investigating the recent rash of strange deaths. Seems to be carrying some heavy guilt.

Daniel Kirsch is the heir to a major business, and claims to know Vincent from back in elementary school. Vincent does not remember him, possibly because he always wears sunglasses. He often appears with Anna Rosmont, who I couldn't find a decent picture of. They seem to be romantically linked, but are going through a tough patch at the moment.

Officer Morgan Cortez is never seen out of uniform, and says he'll keep Vincent informed if anything comes up in the mysterious death cases.

On the TV...

Trisha, the Midnight Venus! This southern lady with the massive red afro hosts the Golden Theater, a late night show that brings out the stranger side of games...
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