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Part 7: Purgatory

Last time it was mostly "another day, another dungeon" kind of thing. Although Musiea did take the opportunity to learn some details about Escher's past. This is apparently making her doubt her original plan to kill him. Other than that, we still need to find the "proof of partnership", whatever that is.

To begin with, it is of course time for some standard issue creepiness from Piu-Piu.

Ugh, let's do some shopping instead.

As always, two new weapons for our intrepid heroes...

...and some new clothes.

And two aquamarines for luck!

Let's see how Eluca and Zhamo are doing this time...

Maybe it's behind the fourth door?
Come to think of it, the last dungeon looked a lot like my country.
Really? The second one looked a lot like mine...
Listen! Listen! Listen!
But, it wasn't the same place. I wonder what they used for a model?

Geez, what is it? We're having an important discussion here!
That's it! That's exactly it!!
Why would you ignore me, when I'm right in front of you!?
I've been staring and trying to get your attention forever!
What are you talking about? This is how we've always talked.
You know, I've been thinking.
Why are you guys over there, talking and laughing and living it up, while I sit quietly by myself?
Don't I have the right to take part in some fun and funny conversations too!? Are we so different, you and I!?
Well, we are human, and you are... something else. So there's that difference.
Something else!? You're really calling me "something else"!?
Well, what should we call you then?
Now that's the question I've been waiting to hear!
The truth is, mine is a cold and lonely existence; one where I am not normally allowed to speak even to the common people.

We'll talk to you when we feel like it.
...Now my head hurts.
I don't think I can keep up with this yet. I guess I still have a long way to grow...

While sort of weird, there ARE some nagging unresolved questions about some of the things that Piu-Piu says...

In any case, we need to be moving on, it's time for the final dungeon.

This one is called, "The Purgatory".

Enemies one step up of course, but only for the first half, I'll up it again for the second half.

Here we go! Unlike the mess from last time, the Japanese text this time is quite merciful to us: 煉獄 really means just simply 'purgatory' and nothing else!

Map is really no different from others, I'm probably not going to post them any more.

It kind of looks like New York, post-apocalypse with all the abandoned cars and such! The thing in the middle of the screen is your standard issue diamond teleporter, but it's blocked with two chains. Bottom left shows slots for two items, so we know what to do!

In the meantime, the enemies that show up on this level are already almost on the level of some of the previous bosses, like this this only slightly weaker, colour-swapped elephant.

But in the end, we know there will be some puzzle solving to get those items. And here is the first one; in this type, we need to light all the candles. Touching a candle will 'invert' its status, but also the status of all adjacent ones. Still not too hard to do.

Puzzle Solution Video

And the first item is ours!

As seems to be the tradition these days, we again find some clothes for Escher. I have no idea where this name comes from as the only meaning that I was able to find doesn't seem to have anything to do with clothes or weapons.

It's a typical small upgrade in defence.

Things don't look very good in this world...

But here is another candle puzzle to cheer us up! This one is really beyond easy!

Puzzle Solution Video

But it does give us the last item we need! So onwards to the locked teleporter!

Sure, what could possibly happen!


Well, it's a boss. But look how much damage our first attack does to him!

He poisons us, but we don't even care!

As I mentioned, Divine Fist is a nice skill. It gives you a guaranteed critical hit, but you have to go last in a turn. Going last isn't usually an issue when you are planning for it, so...

And some nice water spells...

Again...? Really?

Not a problem. I literally didn't even heal during this battle!

So we get lion genes, obviously. You know, if there is one thing that I feel game falls kind of short a bit, it's mostly with gene skills. There is quite a few of them, but most are not that good or way too cumbersome to use (such as Counter which requires you to cast it first, so you might as well attack twice instead) that it's not really worth bothering with them. Passive skills are a bit better and I guess elemental spells are useful for bosses, but for the most part, the best skills are ones you anyway get on your default gene set (human warrior/mage) over the course of the game.

What's going on now?

Oh, Musiea, really, again? It didn't work the first two times!

Ah, that's better.

...I will avenge the deaths of my family. I must.
I don't think so. Have you forgotten the rules?

The 3D models actually aren't that bad considering the platform that this is running on!

I know you're watching this somewhere. Musiea and I are about to have a swordfight.
But we're not fighting to the death. This is just sparring.
I'm gonna teach this little girl some moves. Nothing more, nothing less.
So don't get the wrong idea.

So we are fighting Musiea now? Except for this fight she's suddenly somehow ballooned to 10,000 HP as opposed to the 3,000 that she currently has.

Ah well, we still hit her quite hard.

She on the other hand is not doing so well against Escher.

This is not actually a real fight, and after three turns, it stops automatically.

Well yeah, it was just sparring.
That was... you being kind.
Kind? Don't be ridiculous. If you die, then I can't become immor--
Never mind that. Now that I've fought you, I can tell that you are not just a violent brute.
Your sword is fierce and wild, but also straight... and true.
Which is why I can't understand! How could you do something like that!?
If only you hadn't done that, I... I...

Well, that was pretty dramatic. So, what better time to break out of the dungeon for a moment and ruin the moment with another Piu-Piu conversation!

Sadly, I can't tell you what they are. Why? They are too big for the likes of you!
You want to know? You really want to know? Well, if you absolutely insist...

Ok, back to the dungeon. As I mentioned, we'll bring the enemy level up again, because even though I did no grinding, we are really getting overpowered now. How overpowered, you might ask?

Well, just look at this...

On the way back I pick up a new weapon for Escher, oddly enough.

A pretty substantial upgrade in fact.

We run into this guy again... but I don't have an apple item, so it's only two levels each this time!

Some long-shuttered store fronts on the streets of post-apocalyptic New York (I'm sticking by my idea that this is New York--the game never even hints in that, or any other, direction). Note that this time we are collecting three items.

...and the first one is in this chest.

And then we find this item. Seeds are items that increase a particular stat... by +1! They are basically useless. A typical weapon/clothes upgrade will change your stats by +20 or +30 or something like that. Adding +1 is more or less nothing in the grand scheme of things. In fact you can also steal these items from most bosses, but really... why bother? Game is not overly hard as it is, and if you are having trouble, it doesn't take much to gain a few levels which will give you a lot more than +1 anyway.

In what looks like a department store we find the hallway towards the first puzzle of this area.

And here it is.

Puzzle Solution Video

...alongside the second of three items.

While going to the second puzzle, we pass by a triple-locked teleporter. Don't have to tell you how this will be used.

Finally the last puzzle in this one.

Puzzle Solution Video

And we meet our friends again.

You've really grown.
Yes, but we haven't just gotten stronger. Our hearts have grown as well.
Without a doubt, Zhamo will become a king who will bring equality and prosperity to all.
...Equality and prosperity for all, huh? That isn't going to happen overnight.
Of course not. It will surely take many long years for that to become reality.
That is exactly why I wish for Zhamo to gain eternal life and youth.
I'm truly sorry, but we cannot lose to you!
I will no longer hesitate, Escher.
And I will hold nothing back in our battle.
So, this time has finally come.
Escher, Musiea, I'm glad to have met you.

In another chest is the last item.

And so...

...but there is no boss, it just unlocks further part of the dungeon where we find a Jade accessory. Since Escher needs speed and luck more, I give it to him.

And soon enough we reach the boss.

A typically strong opening from our side.

And this guy likes to poison us too! Sigh.

Are you actually... trying to encourage me...?
Damn it... The medicine's effects are wearing off faster. At this rate, I might not make it... We need to find that proof soon...

This guy REALLY hits hard, look at that!

He also has a stupid move where he steals 10% of your money. The reason this is stupid is because (a) it gives you a free hit against him and (b) you get all the money back after you defeat him anyway!

And indeed...

...that's what soon happens. From this guy, we get no less than devil genes. Hm.

But Escher is really not doing well at all!

Damn it... If I don't become immortal soon... I may not make it.
After all those people whose lives you've robbed, what makes you think you even deserve immortality in the first place?
There's... a girl... I have to see again. And until I do... I can't let myself die.
A girl?
Yeah. Her name's Aida... I'll never forget it.

Interestingly enough, Japanese voice acting both times says "woman" and not "girl".

And somehow after this, our rings start glowing...

Why are the rings glowing?
...I don't know.
Well, whatever. Now we can fight in the last battle. Just a little bit longer until we're out of here.
Hey... Could you tell me more about Aida?
Just curious.
...Whatever, sure.

I met her while I was still living with the thieves. They brought her to the hideout while she was still a little girl,
and they charged me with taking care of her. There weren't any other kids my age there,
so I was happy that I now had a "younger sister".

But one day, a rich man with a taste for little girls came and wanted to buy her. You know, one of those
human traffickers you hear about. I hid from the thieves until I could sneak her outside and set her free.
Only, she wouldn't run away. She'd run for a bit, but then she'd keep stopping and turning around.
It was only when I promised I'd come find her again someday that she finally ran off for good.

The next day, the thieves were going crazy trying to find out what had happened and they soon found out
that I had set her free. That was when they started to beat me... But no matter how hard they hit,
I was proud of what I had done.

* * *

Well then, looks like it's arena time soon against Eluca and Zhamo. But what happens after that?