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Part 14: Ancient Path to Death

Last time, Eluca and Zhamo entered their first dungeon, which in this version is the "Ancient Path to Death".

As for the characters, Eluca has the "Human Warrior" built-in genes:

Zhamo is the designated "Human Mage":

The starting abilities they have are of course the same ones that Escher and Musiea were able to obtain previously by defeating them, so need to repeat too much about that one. It is nice to have the 'Recover HP Every Turn' right from the start though. It does recover only 5% of your max HP, but it's still more than zero!

On to the dungeon then! As mentioned, the layout-wise the dungeon is exactly the same as before, so we'll only be focusing on actual things of importance that happen while we're in it. As a side note, puzzles are in fact completely different than any we've seen previously, I will of course show that.

Anyway, Eluca looks a bit impatient there, so we should get going, I think.

We still get a bunch of these corridors in between the dungeon parts, but what they are should be at least a small bit clearer now.

Even if they're only Level 1, Eluca and Zhamo can do good damage when they hit a critical. Incidentally, the 'sculptures' in the background of this battle should now also be reasonably familiar.

Eventually, we get to the first puzzle. This one is the same block pushing puzzle as before, with the added complication: before we just had to push the blocks out of the way; now we also make sure that all the floor switches are activated by having a block end up on them. These are usually positioned somewhere in the middle of the room, making us having to build a wall somehow around it since the blocks, as before, keep going in the same direction until they hit an obstacle. Needless to say, the switch itself does not count as obstacle. Sigh.

Puzzle Solution Video

One more of these teleporters and...

...we reach the second puzzle of this level.

Puzzle Solution Video

Solving the puzzle finally leads to the boss of this half, which as before, is the forest turtle thing.

By employing the basic spell-countering strategy...

It only takes a couple of turns for this to happen.

Still, he gives enough experience for both of the characters to gain two levels each:

As always, before going to the second half of dungeon, we make a quick trip back to Piu-Piu to see what he has to comment.

But nothing very interesting on that front this time. We'll see, maybe later.

Before going back, I decide to up the enemy level, because why not? We might as well level up a bit faster.

So we return to the dungeon's second half.

And there we find a kind of a standoff going on between Alto on one side and Ayuta and Mana on the other. Poor Alto cannot seem to catch a break in either parallel universe...

Zhamo tries to attack Alto...

...but his attack is swiftly rebuffed. Alto is an actual soldier, let's not forget (or at least was before coming here)!

You don't have time to worry about someone else's partner!
Zhamo... Are you hurt?
No, I'm okay. I managed to block it with my spear.
...!? You took that hit without a scratch?
You are pretty good...

This statement is directed at Mana.

Alto attacks...

...but she fails.

Why do you apologise?
Personal fights between warriors are forbidden... Soon they will come for me too...

...but nothing happens.

...They're not coming? But why?
Once Garrick was killed, Alto was left alone.
Perhaps that allowed her to act outside of the rules.
Yes. You might be right.
Oh Ayuta... Thank goodness you are safe...
I'm glad Ayuta is okay, but... I feel like we've done something we shouldn't have...
I'm sorry, Alto... You didn't deserve this...

The rest of this dungeon proceeds as before, with blocked road that we need to make passable by throwing boulders from above.

Soon we are at the first puzzle...

Puzzle Solution Video

...and a bit later at the second.

Puzzle Solution Video

A bit surprisingly, I actually find a weapon upgrade for Eluca in one of the chests! This doesn't happen so often at this low level usually.

It's actually not a bad upgrade for the level that we are currently on!

Continuing on, we find Escher and Musiea fighting a monster...

...which they soon defeat.

It may not be clear from the image, but he's talking about the rings. Apparently he just obtained his.

...I don't need your help. I'll find it myself.
Is that right?

With that, the two of them leave without even noticing Eluca and Zhamo.

Indeed. But you can't exactly say that we're great friends either.
Yeah... I guess that's true.

Finally we reach the last boss of this dungeon...

...and it's our friend the stompy elephant.

It doesn't really help him, though.

So we have obtained the Warrior's Ring...

...but it doesn't fit on Eluca's hand for some reason!

In any case, now we can exit the dungeon, and return to the main hub...

(I love it how Escher and Musiea are standing facing away from each other here!)