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Part 15: Ocean of Origins

In the previous instalment, Eluca and Zhamo obtained the Warrior's Ring, but for some reason she was unable to put it on. No matter though, we need to go and get the Companion's Ring now so we can participate in the first round of fights.

But before that, some information gathering.

In fact, let's head over to Piu-Piu first and finish our shopping.

Not buying a weapon for Eluca since she already has a better one.

But Zhamo could use an upgrade.

Also they can both use some new clothes. Gavial is actually a kind of crocodile, so this is basically crocodile skin clothes!

And two Garnet accessories, for speed and luck, as always.

Piu-Piu actually has more to say here, but is all stuff we've heard before, and in this case even stuff that that we don't want to hear again, ever: he was going to give us his usual sad story about the lost porn collection. So, skipping over that one!

In fact, at any time, if there is a conversation which is completely identical with an already seen one and involving the same people, I will usually not repeat it in its entirety, but rather just make a note that it happened. This game's plot moves slowly enough that there is no need to slow it further down with multiple repeats of long conversations!

But, Olgar and Vahti are standing nearby...

You two are...
Married. Yes. Are you two brother and sister...?
No. I am the head warrior for our King's personal guard. Zhamo here is the son of one of the King's aides.

Hm. You'll recall that in other version, Eluca was talking about Zhamo becoming the next King of their country...

Oh ho. So you're the head warrior, eh?
...That's quite a large axe you have there.
I didn't choose that weapon; it chose me. I can't imagine using anything else.
(This guy is strong. He's clearly been through many battles...)
(The average level of skill here is far above what it was last time.)
(This must mean we are caught in a spiral, and not a loop...)
(Zhamo looks like a smart, kind boy. But kindness can be fatal in Ark Arena.)
(It will be up to Eluca to see how far they can get here...)

Back in the central area, the conflicted Escher and Musiea...

Is that your idea of a joke? She thinks I killed her parents or something.
Thinks?! Why you evil...!!
(These two look like they'll end up killing each other without any help.)
(Zhamo and Eluca... These two don't look like they have a very good connection either.)
(Hmph. I can't believe I have to fight these brats.)

And finally, Ayuta and Mana.

(I can't underestimate this one. He's trying to find out information on us, just like I'm trying to find some on them.)

(This one doesn't seem suited to battle at all... Of course, that's exactly why I can't underestimate her either.)
(People like this often have some kind of trump card hidden up their sleeve.)
She is the princess of our country. And I am... a stablehand that works for their family.

The game is really not being very subtle any more about this stablehand thing... But we'll have to wait for a while still before we find out what's behind that story.

(Zhamo... I hope we don't have to fight each other. But if we do, I can tell now that they are much stronger than they look.)
(Eluca scares me, but Zhamo has very kind eyes, and he helped save us earlier...)
(If we stay together with them, we might be able to make it through this.)

It is time to go get the second ring now.

In this version, the second dungeon is Ocean of Origins

As always, we keep upping the enemy levels as much as possible--there is never a downside to leveling up in this game!

With something this big, you'll never run out of water.
Let's see how it tastes...
No, wai--

No, I didn't.
Sorry I'm not well educated. I didn't have time for learning while I was trying to fight my way out of poverty.
Unlike you, I didn't grow up in fancy high society.

With that, we can keep going towards the first puzzle in this dungeon.

And here it is. In this dungeon, we again get the red/blue block swapping puzzle type that we've already seen. The four that we get here are stupidly easy and require almost no effort at all to solve. In my opinion, I think that the inclusion of these puzzles in the game was more or less a mistake. They have no real connection to the plot and add absolutely nothing at all to the gameplay; basically if you ask me, the game would have been better without.

Sometimes, we run into a trio of these guys. This is the only real dangerous fight here because they can poison us and we can't oneshot them.

No matter, as we soon see Olgar and Vahti fighting a monster.

Of course, they succeed.

Yep. As cryptic as ever. With this he leaves...

And we reach the second puzzle. This one is no harder than last.

After that, it's boss time again!

As before, a couple of these... enough to solve that problem.

So now we can go to the second part of dungeon, situated as before in a ruined castle.

But before we proceed, we'll make a quick trip out the dungeon.

Back here, we find Escher and Musiea having a fight...

She walks off.

Um... is everything okay?
Shut up and stay out of this, boy.
I saw you fighting earlier. Your style resembles Eluca's.
Huh? Who said you can talk to me, brat?
I-- I'm sorry.
Hmph, well, whatever. How do our styles resemble each other?
Uh... Well, they, uh...
Come on, spit it out! ...Oh, never mind!
I feel sorry for Eluca, having to drag around a partner like you.

He walks off.


Anyway, getting back to the dungeon...

As before, this part requires us to collect two items.

The first puzzle is here...

...and it yields the first item.

On the way to the second puzzle, we pass the locked door.

And soon in a chest a weapon upgrade for Zhamo.

Over here are Ayuta and Mana, having trouble with some monsters...

Ever so helpful!

Stop right there.
What if you go help them and end up getting killed? I'd have to fight the rest of our battles by myself!
No. I am ordering you as my partner not to go.
Ordering me?
That's right. I am the warrior. As my partner, you must follow my orders.
I'm sorry, but I can't follow that one.

And we are thrust into a battle together with Ayuta.

This is just a normal battle, and thus no problem at all.

That makes it twice that you've saved us.
Oh no, I didn't do anything. You would have been fine on your own.
Ha ha, I'm glad I was able to fight with you. Thank you, Zhamo.
Thank you, Zhamo. Your kindness will not soon be forgotten.
You make me think that someday, somehow, we will all overcome our differences.

The final puzzle.

And the second item.

Now we can open the door...

...leading to the boss.

As before, this one is a bit harder to defeat, mainly because it hits like a truck.

But we do manage, after some effort.

And we get the Companion's ring.

But it doesn't fit Zhamo.

Ah-ha, she's figured it out! I'm sure you have too, the game is not exactly subtle here.

But, time to go back and see what the Agent has in store!

Oh, no.
We have to fight Zhamo?
That is all. I expect you to fight like your lives depend on it.
Hey, hold up.
Zhamo and Eluca aren't wearing their rings. Doesn't that disqualify them?
Zhamo and Eluca are qualified to participate.
Then why aren't they wearing their rings?

Nike (TM)

So, once again, it's fighting time. Who will survive, I wonder?