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Part 19: See You in the Afterlife

Well, there isn't really much else left to do. If we want to progress, we'll have to go and defeat Escher & Musiea (and they are standing right there too!).

First of course we go to Piu-Piu to upgrade our weapons. He doesn't really have anything new to say.

New weapon for Zhamo. We have once again reached the point of boring weapon names. But don't worry, there are still several to be found in dungeons later on, that hasn't changed!

New clothes for both.

And two new Opals.

And then we go and talk to Escher and Musiea one last time before the battle.

Hey, Eluca. Are you still worried about that?
...Hard to say.
Hey, now, that won't do. I told you before, I don't like bullying the weak.
So what about you? I thought you weren't able to worry about anyone but yourself.
Don't worry, I took care of it.
It was tough 'cause she's so stubborn, but now there are no more misunderstandings.
Besides, you know what they say. There's a thin line between love and hate.
Now that we've resolved our differences, she can hardly keep her hands off of me. Honestly I don't know what to do.
Escher. Shut up.
Come on, don't be shy!
I'm wasting my time on this idiot.
Zhamo, Eluca, I will fight you with everything I have.
That won't change whether or not you've found your proof or if there's something worrying you.
I look after war orphans. I'm all they have. As long as they are waiting for me to come home... I cannot afford to lose.
As for me, I am not going to let Musiea die in a place like this.
My sword will speak for me on that.
I understand. I would expect nothing less.
I think we are the strongest people the world has ever seen. It's going to be an amazing fight.
I can't wait!
I'll admit it. You two are all right.
But I'm out of time. I will become immortal. I have to.
Once this is over, I will have many sins on my head. But that is my burden to withstand.

That's it for now, we need to go inside now.

Now that you've made it this far, there is nothing more to say.
I guess not.
All of us want to win. Whatever happens, no hard feelings.


Even though we are higher level than our opponents we actually can't oneshot them. But we still do decent damage.

They do about 10x less to us.

Of course, as always, Escher has his physical block ability so sometimes this happens.

I said I won't let that happen. Not if you help me rebuild our country.
...Why don't you hate me?
Why are you asking that now?
Tell me!
Escher, now's our chance!
Wait, give them a minute.
Why would I hate you? It wasn't your choice to kill them. And even if I did, it wouldn't bring my parents back.
What good would it do?
That's not good enough!
Don't you get it? You forgiving me is the hardest part of all!
Zhamo, you are a great man. Too great for one who has done such evil things as I.
Escher, that's long enough. We should...

Wow, bloodthirsty much, Musiea?

Musiea is defeated shortly after this.

And a couple of turns later, Escher too.

...I'm, uh... I'm sorry.
For what?
For failing to protect you.
I'm sorry too. If I had only been stronger...

We learn new and useful skills. These are all skills that we already know from back when we played Escher and Musiea and other than Mental Wall they are some of the best ones to have, in fact.

And so, another sad fight has finished and we need to get out of here.