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Part 25: Nothing to Apologise for

It's almost time for the first eliminatory fight, but before that, let's do some shopping!

New weapons for Ayuta!

No need to buy the weapon for Mana, since we have our nice Single-letter bow still!

New clothes for Ayuta...

...and, uh, a fake princess coat for Mana which we don't need to buy.

Finally two nice topaz rings.

Now, we can go all the way to the other room and have a talk with Zhamo and Eluca.

We searched high and low, but couldn't find anything.
The first decrepit old city had some very strange construction, but at the end it was blocked off with walls with pictures on them.
Apparently, everything that looks like an outside is all fake. It must be a closed-off room of an enormous scale.
Anyone that can create something like that would never accidentally leave a way to escape.
It seems that the only way out of here is... to fight.

Next to Piu-Piu are our good friends, Vahti and Olgar!

Olgar, couldn't you defeat the Agent on your own? You certainly seem to be strong enough.
If you can, then we might be able to escape!
Even if I could defeat the Agent, we still wouldn't be able to escape.
You'll never know unless you try!
I did try.
But enough of that. Now is the time to enjoy the thrill of the battle.
That is what it all comes down to.
I look forward to seeing how strong this latest generation is.

Finally, Musiea and Escher right in the middle.

But if I don't... we'll be killed, just like Garrick. I'm sure you don't want to die when you have a fiancé to get home to, right?
Of course not, it's just...
Well, what would happen if we all refused to fight? That might work?
You mean... try to get the match declared as draw?

No, I don't think that'll work. In any case we are interrupted in this conversation.

You know how to fight monsters, right? Well, humans are just another kind of animal. So you should have no problem killing them too!
It seems you have all found your rings. Then I will announce the first round of fights.
Zhamo and Eluca versus Olgar and Vahti.
Which means...
Ayuta and Mana versus Escher and Musiea.
No... I can't...
...Damn. Ayuta.
Don't you dare lose now. I've been looking forward to our battle.
We'll see if you can say this with a straight face after we're through with you.
You'll regret ever having come against us.
...Me? Regret? That's hilarious. I can't wait to see you try.
Now, proceed to the arena.

Not just yet. We need to hear some last thoughts from others before we do that.

His physical strength may even surpass that of the Agent's.
Yes. Olgar's definitely strong. But we do have a chance.
He underestimates us, and will surely let down his guard. We will not pass up that opportunity.
So don't worry about us. We will not lose today. We have a strategy.
Strength alone does not determine the winner of a life-or-death duel.
Of course, you may be our next opponent after we defeat him.

Well, Eluca there seems rather confident.

If that's how he sees us, we'll make him see otherwise!
Ha ha... it's been a long time since I've fought my hardest and wanted more!
When I first saw Olgar, I thought he closely resembled the legendary hero of our country that I found myself in awe.
But now I am embarrassed I ever thought such things.

You know what, it really bugs me that none of their countries are ever referred to by name! Because that's not really how people usually talk. In any case, we should see also what Vahti and Olgar are thinking about this.

Olgar can handle two fighters like them just fine without me.
How can you ridicule them like that...
Ridicule? Me? You're the one doing that.
You know how I feel when I fight. Don't you dare say otherwise.
Ayuta, do you truly feel nothing in this situation? Or do you secretly enjoy it?
Come on Ayuta, snap out of it. Escher is strong. If you can't beat him, I have no use for you.
You are not in any position to tell me what to do.
Ha ha, it seems I am truly hated here.
The only thing worth anything in this place is strength. Everything else is meaningless.
Can't you see the arrogance in that way of thinking?
As you keep going, you too will understand... whether you want to or not. And if you can't, that will be the end of you.
But I know you will win.
You may claim to have lost your memories... But have you stopped to think about how a mere stablehand can fight as well as you?
Perhaps your body remembers what your mind does not.
Either way, I will see for myself during our upcoming battle.
Eluca and Zhamo. They're good... but not good enough. In another world, perhaps they could win.

Still as mysterious as ever. So on to the fight it is then.

Really? But what about your heart condition?
...You can tell?
More or less.
Don't tell Musiea. She doesn't know yet.
When my time runs out, I'll just entrust my hopes to the next generation.
And if I'm killed before that happens, I can accept that as my fate.
That's how I always lived my life.
Now that I've been reunited with Musiea I don't have any regrets.
...Except, I can't let her die in a place like this.
If it means keeping her safe, I won't hesitate to kill.
That's how it is for you, isn't it? You'd cut us down in an instant to protect her...
I can tell just by looking at you.
I'm sorry, but I will not hold back.
I... I can't do this... Mana, we...
Musiea... If only this were all a dream...
Before we were brought here, I was raising children that had lost their parents in a war.
We may not be related by blood, but I'm still their mother, their sister, and sometimes their best friend...
They're my greatest treasures...
If I don't make it back, there'll be no one left to look after them...
So... If anything should happen to me...
Stop. Please... don't say things like that.
I'm so sorry...
Princess Mana, please listen to her. This is Musiea's resolve. We should do everything we can to honor it.
I'm so scared... My hands... they won't stop shaking...

I'm afraid so...
This is ridiculous! We shouldn't have to do this!
Princess Mana... we have to.
We shouldn't...
I can't... I can't fight them...
(I can't force Princess Mana to fight against her will. I'll just have to keep her safe on my own.)

The fight begins!

We start more or less the same as before, and focus on Musiea first. Neither of the opponents has any regen abilities, so it doesn't really matter who you focus on. Often, they will anyway do pair attacks, so will both get hit.

After a while of trading blows...

Besides, what about your betrothal? I thought you wanted to go back home!
Yes, but... we can't... We can't beat Escher and Musiea ourselves...
I really am sorry about this, but I'm going to end this now.
Escher... please don't make them suffer...
I won't.

As you can see from the little icons, all Ayuta's stats have increased at this point.

After a bit more fighting, Musiea is done...

...and Escher too.

No big speeches this time, just a plain goodbye.

Nothing new here, we got these same skills last time when we fought them with Zhamo and Eluca.

Well then, what say you about checking on how the other fight is going?

Not too well for Zhamo and Eluca, it would seem... were giving me before?

And here's Vahti coming in, presumably to report on the outcome of Ayuta's fight.

So who won the other battle?
Ayuta did. I watched him fight... and he's just as strong as before.
Is that so? Wonderful! Then it's just like I thought. He's the only one left who can still provide me with some fun!
(Olgar... I can't be as strong as you...)
(After all, they're...)

In any case, it's time to report back to the agent.