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Part 29: (I've Been Here Before...?)

So Vahti and Olgar have been defeated and now it's time to (not) go through the Original door.

There is not any new items for sale at the shop, so...

That is why the warriors have been summoned together with the member of the opposite sex that they cared most deeply for.
Now it's time for you to demonstrate that power for the last time.
But first, we need to take care of you.

Uh what.

Ayuta gets himself bound into some sort of force-field.

Do not bother to struggle. No human can break it.
Damn it! Damn it!
Now that you have won, this Ark Arena is finished.
What?! What do you mean!?
I do not need to explain anything to you. Once this woman is taken care of, everything will be reset. That is all.

What is wrong? Did you remember something else?
I... won't let go... Never let go...
You are finished here, Shea.


Shea is the love of my life! No one else!
And you are going to pay for what you did to her!

And finally, we are in the fight against the Agent.

Perhaps unexpectedly, this fight isn't different from before, so...

The First Couple?
The world will soon be annihilated by a being called the Qualia.
The First Couple must create a human race over 10,000 years that can defeat it.
But... perhaps you two can...
The Qualia?
What are you talking about? I don't understand.
...You do not need to know everything now.

We've seen this one already before...

...its scents into your genes...
The land it's your destiny to reach... the Promised Land.
The Promised Land...?
Even if that be nothing but a seed, planted in a time long since passed...
Carve your desires... your mother's entreaties...
The memories of this land, into your genes...

Whoosh, we're back.

Yes... I think so.
But those last words it spoke... And those images...
Maybe... the real battle is yet to come?
I don't know...
But it appears that the door to the outside has been opened.
Does that mean... we can go home?
For now, let's just go outside. I think that's all we need to worry for now.
It's okay.

Now is the time to go shopping!

Of course, the really hard part is still to... Nah. I'll hold off on that for now.
All right, go on through the Original Door. The "first truth" you've been waiting to find out is on the other side.
No... Ayuta, for you, even that "truth" is something you already decided yourself...
But remember, Ayuta, Shea; the hard part is still to come. It isn't over yet.
"The spirits never give you a trial you can't overcome." That's one of my favourite sayings.
...See you again, my friends.

As for shopping:

Two positron weapons.

Two optical suits.

And two new accessories.

And now, through the door.

That is where you've been all this time... The Ark. I am speaking to you from it right now.
You now have 10,000 years and eternal life and youth to create humans capable of defeating the Qualia.
I am entrusting humanity's future to your superior DNA.
I can't believe this...
10,000 years to create humans capable of defeating the Qualia...
Is that what the Agent meant earlier?
Because otherwise, the Qualia will destroy the world...?

What is it? What do you mean, you think you've been here before?
D-did I say something?
You said you've been here before...
Oh that, right...
It feels like I've dreamed about this place many times before.
I see.
It doesn't matter now.
Now we need to deal with what we're going to do for the next 10,000 years.
That's true. We have to live here all by ourselves.

Roll credits...

...this is getting silly...

...but ok, just a couple(?) more times...