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Part 34: Manner of a King

So, as expected, our opponents in the first fight are Eluca and Zhamo.

First, we visit the shop, but I'm actually only buying one thing out of four this time, it must be some kind of a record even.

Octomentia is not an actual word as far as I know, but a somewhat clever translation for the Japanese name of this item, 8分狂気, meaning "eight minutes of madness".

The rest of these are more or less self-explanatory.

Ayuta and Mana are standing right here, however, so let's have a chat.

This seems almost like a Stepford version of Mana in this scenario!

Stop it!
That's enough, Ayuta! What's happened to you?
You used to be so happy and full of love!
What happened to change you like this?
I haven't accomplished anything. I know that now I have my memory back.
...That's what changed me.
But still...!
Focus, Olgar. Eluca and Zhamo are strong.
If you cannot defeat them... then I have no use for you.
Escher and Eluca are both strong descendants. And yet, despite being their forefather, you still surpass both of them.
O spirits, give me strength...

On the other side are Escher and Musiea.

Of course you are. If you weren't you wouldn't be that strong.
Perhaps you are right.
Escher, be careful when fighting Ayuta...
I know. He's so strong, it's almost frightening. But don't worry: I won't underestimate him.
I respect all my opponents, and never hold back when fighting them.
I see.
Escher, I hope to see you in the final match. Don't keep me waiting.
Same goes to you, old man!

And it really would be the final match, since this is the last scenario of this kind in the game.

That's why I must escape from here.
Not to mention that Escher is...
What about Escher?
His heart is ravaged by illness.
So that's why he wants immortality so badly...
If Escher weren't around to protect us, I could never relax and take care of the children.
If he were to die, we'd be sitting ducks for the thieves and mercenaries...
And Escher knows it...
I don't want him to die.
So... I will fight to the end.
Yes... that too is an answer. And it's not mistaken.
I'm sorry Mana, but Escher is more important to me.
All right, let's do this. I'm not about to let Musiea die in a place like this.

Finally, our next opponents...

Are you giving up before the battle even begins?
Don't be ridiculous. I would never do such a thing.
I will do whatever I have to in order to win and keep Zhamo alive.
Besides... now that I've prepared myself for the worst, I actually can't wait to begin our match.
I'm so excited, my hands won't stop shaking. It has been a long time since I felt like this.
As have I. I can't remember the last time I met someone with your skill.
I'm honoured.
Come to think of it, Zhamo said you greatly resembled our first Divine King, and that made me remember another old story.
Two immortal trolls, all by themselves, one shed a tear, then the other as well.
The tears skipped and danced, and turned into humans.
Where did the trolls go? They returned to the ground from whence they came...
It's strange, but... whenever I look at you, I can't help but think of that story.

Ha ha... surpass me, eh?
Zhamo, you "surpassed" me a long time ago.
That can't be! I can tell how strong you are, even now.
I have a long way to go before I'll even be on the same level as you!
You have surpassed me in your heart. Fighting is merely an extension of that.
That is something one can only say once they have gained everything, and thrown it away...
One cannot bring about real change without the power to realise it.
Nor can they protect the ones they love!
I see... Something only one who has thrown away everything can say...
It would seem there are still things I have yet to learn even at this old age... Or perhaps because of it...
Normally, it's the duty of the elders to teach the young the ways of the world...
Zhamo, when we meet in the arena, I will treat you as nothing less than the true warrior.
And I will come at you with everything I have.
Surpass me if you can!
Yes sir!

Time to go.

Nothing else to be said for now, time to fight.

This fight is actually not hard. We start with Zhamo, but it doesn't since Eluca won't be using the Regen HP every turn ability this time around, so we could really go with either. It's probably better not to use the pair attack since if they do, you might end up in pretty bad shape after.

In any case, after a few turns, Zhamo interrupts the fight.

Right now, I am facing you with everything I have.
So why... won't you do the same for me?
Zhamo is right. Olgar, I sense that you feel like you wouldn't mind if you lost.
Do you think we would be happy defeating someone like that?
...You're exactly right.
...I'm sorry. You're right. I was hesitant to go all in against you.
However, Zhamo, you are still too soft. If you had continued your offensive, I have no doubt you could have defeated me.
Those who fail to take advantage of every opportunity are not fit to call themselves warriors.
I know that. But, I refuse to fight you as anything else than an equal.
It's one thing if I am unfit to be a warrior. But I refuse to act in a manner that does not befit a king.
...Well said. Then let our true battle begin!

Nothing really changes...

And so he's done.

And Eluca too.

Victory, you say?

Here are the skills we learn, we have seen them all many times already.

And so we are back outside again where Olgar is pondering...

There's your answer...