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Part 36: Never Let Me Go

Last time when we left off, Mana was about to have an important conversation with Olgar...

Footsteps are heard outside...

Let's see what this is all about.

I know it seems unbelievable. She looks just like Vahti, and she has all of her memories.
...You don't look like you're joking. Do you have proof?
Come with me and I can show you.

And we are taken to one of the battle arenas...

Vahti looks a little frozen there...

What were you thinking? Why did you tell me like this?
I... I just didn't want Ayuta to do anything underhanded.
If this is the real Vahti, then who's been with me all this time?
That's Theia's clone.
Yes. Once Vahti was put into cold sleep, her appearance and memories were copied to last remaining Theia's clone.
Why? What reason could--

But of course.

Why on earth would you do something like this?
When you and Vahti were summoned here... I became truly worried.
If you two won the tournament again, you would produce descendants no stronger than before.
And because this is the Ark's final loop, I could not allow that to happen.
Then, I realised something.
There is nothing wrong with your strength. The problem was with Vahti.
And that's why you replaced her...
Without a doubt, yours and Theia's descendants would be able to match the Qualia.
I've heard enough. Release Vahti now.
I will not. Olgar, you still have this Vahti.

You don't know that!
So you refuse to fight with a clone. All right then, how about a bet?
A bet?
If you can defeat me in our last battle, I will return Vahti to you.
But if I win, you will agree to return to the past with Theia's clone.
How about it?
If that's what it takes, then let's get started!

And so, we have one last dungeon left, and no one to traverse it with. It's going to be a lonely journey for Olgar, but what can you do...