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Part 41: This Isn't Even My Final Form!

The voice that says this is that of the "good" Theia (the one we've met in Ayuta's chapter).

Music: Together at Dawn ♫ (Recommended)

And here are our characters, finally together.

It's kind of difficult to convey in English, but in Japanese voiced dialogue "you" is actually the plural, referring to all of them, not anybody in specific.

A pretty cool shot, everybody at once!

This is interesting, as it seems to make an implication that humans have managed to leave Earth and colonise other places in the universe. No specific details are provided, however.

The Qualia exceeds all human knowledge. I do not know for sure if you can succeed, even if you all work together...
You see... Never mind, now that you are all here, there is no more need to say anything.
The Qualia has started to move. Be careful.

What's happening...

This can't be happening!
Our planet is... gone...
You're kidding, right? So it's all over?
I can't believe it...
Everything gone... in an instant...

Zhamo... Our country is gone. What would be the point of fighting now?
So then, what? We should just sit around and wait to die?
I dont want that...
Me neither! If we died now, what would we say to Theia?
You're right. If we're going to die anyway, I'm going to go down fighting.
Forget about the world or the future. I'm going to fight for myself.
This is my battle now!
You're right. It's not the results that are important. It's how we live our lives until the very end.
I apologise for losing my composure.
Let's see how far we can go!
Just do your best until you can't any more. That's all anyone needs to do.
Theia... are you seeing this?
The warriors that we chose... have all decided on their own to fight for themselves.
This is what we wanted.
I'm going to fight too... for myself!!
I believe in you all. I know that you will find a way to win.
And I hope that a new, peaceful period will be born...

It really is now the time to fight. How will this fight go, you may ask?

Here's how. Qualia has several forms, and each one in turn will be fought by a different pair of characters (the game lets you choose which pair fights which form). The forms are actually not very different from each other except by having stronger stats. Unfortunately, this boss fight is designed to be challenging... if you don't do any of the optional content in game. So this means it will be extremely easy. Never the less, the Qualia has a couple of funky looking attacks, which I will try to demonstrate in a video below.

The first form (Qualia 450 THz) will be tackled by Vahti and Olgar.

There's not really much to see, is there?

I agree. It's hard to believe, but standing here before it now, I feel neither fear nor hesitation...
It would seem those 10,000 years were not spent in vain after all.
Here we go, Vahti!

As you can see, we can easily defeat this form in about two attacks!

The Qualia at frequency of 450 THz is around level 40 so the damage formula makes us practically invincible.

For once, the game is right.

We're creating history now!
Indeed, a world without the Qualia...
And the start of a history with no end in sight!

The next stage is Qualia 650 THz.

For this, we will take Shea and Ayuta.

Actually, I'm more amazed than scared. I can't believe I'm here, seeing the very thing that you and Theia have been trying to defeat...
We really made it.
Ayuta, let's do this! For Theia's sake as well as for ours!
Yeah. I'm sure Theia will help us too.
This is our fight to win! Let's take back our future!

Still goes similar as always...

We can suffer a bit of damage sometimes, but it's negligible.

There are some weird looking attacks (check out the video below).

And soon we do.

You can click the link below to see the video of this segment, to get an idea about what this looks like and to see a few interesting looking attacks.

VIDEO: Ayuta and Shea desperately fighting the Qualia! (make sure to switch it to 720px HD for much better quality!)

The next phase is at 550 THz.

Zhamo and Eluca will do this one.

I can't believe how thoroughly we've switched places.
Because to be honest, I am pretty scared.
I'm not scared of the Qualia. I'm scared of what I could lose if we aren't able to defeat it.
What more is there to lose? Our country is already gone.
I don't mean our country. There's something I don't even want to think about losing.
It's okay, Eluca. We're not going to lose. We can win this.
It's so strange... They're such simple words...
But when you say them, they feel so real.
You're right! We can win this! I know we can!

Still no problem.

And here we go...

The last fight is against just "Qualia".

Musiea and Escher are the only ones remaining for this one.

We are destroying this thing!


I may not have it in me to save worlds, but I do know this.
Musiea, you are a part of this world.
And if it means keeping you safe, I'm willing to die as many times as it takes.
That's why I fight.
You can't...
Your life isn't just yours. It's mine now, too. So you can't just go throwing it away.
I guess you are right. Okay Musiea, I promise I won't die.
But that goes for you too, you hear me? So you'd better not die either!
Got it!!

Well, looks like all four forms are defeated...

Bye bye!

Eh? What's this now?