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Part 46: Death or Immortality

Well, it's best that we get it over with, so let's talk with Piu-Piu...

Whatever you say, mister. What are you doing here, anyway? Well? Speak up!
Why should I? And who're you anyway, bargin' in here talkin' all tough? Took the wind right outta my sails.
Aw, whatever.
I'm Piu-Piu, just your average guy runnin' a business straddlin' time'n'space!
I'm confident I got the best selection'n'service around. Looking forward to your business!

Like in the previous game, here too, you can find in the dungeons various "Piu-Piu's Collection" items that you can simply sell for a decent amount of cash. We already know what it is, but anyway, he gives us an explanation about it:

As you can see, a bit of a lack of communication between different translators here--Piu Piu calls these items "The Manager's Collection" even though that's not what they are called in the rest of the game. I forgot to check, but I'm going to take a guess that this is what they are actually called in the Japanese language version.

I smuggled 'em when I moved here. Every last one's a valuable collectors item!
But that no-good Agent says to me "Such things are not worthy of this sacred place." Then he goes and takes every last piece!
But that ain't the worst of it. He went 'n'scattered them all over the world out there!
Can ya believe that guy? He just threw everything away like it was a bunch o'junk.
He should be arrested, twice! Once for stealin' and then again for litterin'.
Ya can imagine what an awful experience this has been for me. Anyway, I hope you'll keep findin' stuff from my collection and bring it back to me.
My collection's worth to me more than any amount o'money. 'specially my 3D stuff, 'cause once ya upgrade from 2D there's no goin' back.
So, we on the same page? I'm countin' on ya pal!

As before, in a typical "WTF, Japan!" moment, he is of course talking about his porn collection. We already have one of those items in our possession, and selling it will help us increase the funds for initial weapon upgrades. But before that, we can talk to him some more and he'll actually give us an explanation for the old JRPG trope of monsters dropping cash. It almost even makes sense:

Ain't interested in money from your world. It's worthless here.
But what about those monsters you defeated outside that door? Did ya find some silvery liquid-like blobs after the battle?
The stuff's like cash here. The bigger the blob, the more OZ it's worth.
Sure, we picked some up. I'd be glad to get it off our hands.
It was strangely allurin'. Ended up takin' some with us without even thinkin'. Whatcha plannin' on doin' with it?
Heh heh heh. That's a secret.
Some things are better left unknown, and this is one of 'em.

Ugh. We are probably better not knowing, anyway.

But on another note. This whole thing with nobody pronouncin' the "G"s is really startin' to grate. Just look at that last line from Vieg above! In the first game everybody was speaking normally and I didn't see it as a problem, so I'm not sure why they did this. I would understand perhaps if they gave different characters "different" dialects, but they didn't. What's more, it's inconsistent. Until he started talking to Piu-Piu Vieg was speaking properly and now suddenly he also has an accent. Oh well. We already know that the English translation for these games is not quite a masterpiece of prose.

So, on to some shopping now. First we will sell that Collection item that we have.

5000 OZ is quite a bit at this stage. With this, we can now buy some upgraded weapons for our characters:

A new sword for Vieg...

...and a new axe for Olgar.

I don't have enough money for upgraded armour, but I considered weapons a higher priority to be able to deal more damage to enemies and destroy them faster.

And with this, we are finally done with Piu-Piu for now (yeah, I know). Yorath and Cyllis are right here, so might as well talk to them...

Do you think the promise of immortality is true?
Ordinarily, I wouldn't believe it. But, considering this situation and what we saw of him, I can't dismiss the possibility either.
Hmm. Immortality offered for killing each other...
Death, or immortality...
I have to admit, it's quite the incentive.
Death or immortality, with no other choice? I am not sure which one I'd want.
If one were to live forever, the value of that life would be diluted.
Life is meant to be lived to the fullest.
I believe what a person accomplishes in the limited span of a lifetime is what determines the value of the experience.
Immortality. Is that really something you want?

The rest of the people are over in the middle section...

In any case, that Agent fellow is far too dangerous.
And you people are... what? The best warriors in your realm, I suppose?
But even you were no match for him.
This is all so confusin'! We have no idea where we are or why they want us to fight!
Perhaps doing exactly as the Agent said is the most direct route to escaping this place.
Are ya kiddin' me!? Even if we follow his orders, there's no guarantee he'll let any of us go in the end!
We'd just be playin' into his hands!
But the odds are better fighting each other than trying to defeat the Agent.
Can't argue with you there. I'd rather take you on any day of the week.
You can't be serious! If we work together, there's bound to be somethin' we can do!
Maybe, but the thing is, I don't trust you guys.
Hmph. Look who's talking.
Just why do they want us to fight, anyway? There's gotta be some reason behind it.
And if there isn't... well, that would be even more inexcusable.
That Agent fellow... I don't like him.

You don't say, Ayuta! Well, in any case, the rest of the family is also here, so let's finally talk to them too.

Olgar! Are you mad!?
And how could you even think of making Vahti do such a thing? She'd be fighting her own father!
I'm only kiddin'! Of course I don't want that. She's my precious Vahti, the daughter I brought up with tender care and kindness.
When were you ever tender or kind?
But, of course, I agree that even the mere thought of fighting Vahti is inconceivable. We have to avoid that at all costs.
But if we don't do what he says, he'll come after us again.
If only we could escape before that happens.
Well, maybe we can find some way to escape out there, beyond that door?
Right, while we pretend to be lookin' for those rings.
What concerns me though, is our opponents. We can be sure they're very good.
Now, hold on there, Vieg. What kind of talk is that, comin' from you?
I tell ya, I'm in the mood for a good brawl! I bet those others can give as good as they get...
'Course, when push comes to shove, it'll be Olgar the Mighty dealin' out the real wallopin'. Ho ho, I can hardly wait.
...I sure am glad we're on the same side.
Naturally, all the other warriors are our enemies. With Vahti in this condition, they might be our biggest concern.
Hey, I know another way we can avoid fightin' each other. All we gotta do is get as good as the Agent before the battle.
That would solve everythin'!

So that's all for this time. In the next episode we may or may not finally make it into a dungeon!