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by ivantod

Part 48: Family (and Other) Matters

Um... One, two... tap, tap... is this thing on?

So, we finished the first dungeon last time. Now, we can take a break and talk a bit to our competitors.

Do be quiet, Kushina. So... you've left your partners in the other room, I take it?
That's right. And don't even think about trying to harm them, because if you do...!
Yeah, so help me, I can guarantee ya I won't be laughin'.
Peace, my friends, peace.
Trust me. I'm not going to touch them. What sort of boorish creature do you take me for?
Besides, I'd never let him do such a thing!
But, mind if I ask why you left them alone? Aren't ya puttin' yourselves in a vulnerable position?
Vahti is... she's pregnant.
She is? Hey, congratulations!
Oh, but... under these circumstances...
We have to keep her safe.
Right, of course.
As another woman, I feel for Vahti. We'd never do anything to hurt her. I think we oughta help each other out when we can, ya know?
Right, Ayuta?
...Yes, of course. If she's pregnant, certainly we should protect the child.
We may be destined to fight each other, but the child is innocent in all of this.
Ha ha ha!
It's a truce, then! At least, for now.
But if we ever do have to fight each other, I'm warning you that we won't hold back.
Fine. The same goes for us.
Kushina is always so soft-hearted, she throws me out of kilter.
So Vahti is pregnant! I'd like to go see how she's doing sometime.

In fact, why don't we go and check on the wife right now?

Well, we got our first ring, but we couldn't find a way out. We got in here somehow, though! There must be an exit.

You know, the game is really unclear here--in the original, it was supposed to be one ring per person, but it's not really obvious how many rings we got. It seems to me we only got one, so we'll just have to see if that gets mentioned in any way in the near future.

Don't worry, we'll find a way.
We're counting on you. If two big strong men like yourselves--members of the Royal Talons--can't find a way, it would be rather disappointing.
Yes my love. Have a little faith in yer man. We're definitely gonna get ya out of here. Just ya wait and see.
Have I ever broken a promise?
Never. And that's about the only good thing I can say about you.
On second thought, you did break a promise. You swore you would always remember our anniversary, but what about last year when you forgot?
Huh? I did?
You did. And after I went to the trouble to cook a special meal for you that evening.
Well, why didn't ya give me a piece of yer mind then?
Mother, father is a very busy and important man. You should forgive him for forgetting just that one time. You know he loves you.
It pains me to have my daughter take sides against me.
But, lucky for you, Vieg, your wife is a very forgiving woman. You'll be safe even if you forget an important date or two.
I would never forget our anniversary.
Ah, now there's a man who loves his wife. You don't hold a candle to him, Olgar.
Ye're makin' me look bad, Vieg.
Look, guys, enough with all this. We have more important things to worry about right now--like Vahti's health and safety.
Oh, why, thank you Vieg.
You know, I've never helped deliver a baby before. I hope everythihg will be all right.
At first, I couldn't imagine giving birth here. Now, I just want to see our child as soon as possible.
I... I'm ready.

Well then, time to have a typical conversation with Piu-Piu, I think.

Girls like that Kushina are pretty awesome too.
I mean, they're so sweet and carin'. Once they fall for ya, they'll stay by your side no matter what.
Oh man, I can't take it anymore. I wish my sweet Kushina would hurry up and talk to me!
What's with the full-bodied babes this time? Not that I'm complainin', but it just makes me feel sorry for Kushina.
I'd hate to see her sad 'cause she just might be my type. I might actually fall for her if she were to talk to me a couple more times!

Ugh, let's get some new equipment...

This last one seems to have been named by Hideo Kojima...

And then the usual story about Piu-Piu's cardboard cutout girls...

What're YOU talkin' about? Ya better apologise to these lovely ladies this instant.
This is Catherine and this is Jodie. They'd be huge stars--I'm talking mega-famous--if times weren't what they are now.
Well, I'll admit they're easy on the eyes, but they're still only a couple of papier-mâché dolls.
Ah, c'mon Vieg, admit it! You're just trying to muscle in on my ladies!
But I don't min. Lemme see what they think.
What's that? Really? All right, if ya say so!
Okay, here's the thing...
You're gonna have to keep a 30 foot distance.
They're creeped out by guys that go around with a scarf, but no shirt. It's like are ya hot or are ya cold? Make up your mind!
Guess it's just one o' their pet peeves. Nothin' ya can do about it. It's better if ya just forget about 'em.
I don't wear this to stay warm. It's to keep me cool by shielding my neck from the sun.
Yeah? I should try that 'cause my neck gets awfully hot and sweaty under this fur.
Then again, I'm willing to suffer for fashion!

Oh man. All right, we have Cyllis left to talk to so let's do it.

And there's another thing I've been wonderin' about too.
And that is...?
When I was fightin' outside, I noticed my sills were amazin'.
Are you bragging?
No. I mean, I felt REALLY strong and powerful. It's like my skills are growin' faster than they normally would. It almost scares me.
I haven't noticed anything like that. Are you sure you're not imagining it?
No. I feel the same way as Olgar. My senses are keener than usual, and in battle I find new ideas occurring to me even as I fight.
Perhaps this environment is bringing about an awakening in you two.
Hmm... I am envious.
No, it's nothing.
By the way, is Vahti pregnant, by any chance?
What!? Wait a minute...
If ya try to harm her, it won't go well with ya.
Not to worry. We would never dream of doing anything so despicable. Actually, I am glad.

Of course, this means a new dungeon, but I am still confused about how this works out, since two people are essentially sitting it out--how many rings to we actually get in the end? Ah well, we'll see...