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Part 50: Tonight A Very Special Episode

Please accept my apologies in advance for this episode--and it's a long one too! At least we can finally move on with the plot after this. And now, if you're brave enough to continue...

So last time, this happened:

Obviously, not quite the pairings we were hoping for...

I am aware of that. What point dost thou wish to make?
Delay these battles until after the baby's been delivered. Surely you can wait a few hours. I won't take no for an answer.
...I am cognisant of the fact that certain risks attend propagation of the human race.
If you refuse to give us more time, it won't benefit either of us.
We, too, desire the survival of your descendent. Very well.
I shall postpone the competition until after the birth of new life hath been confirmed.

It's just for a few hours, though.
But those few hours change everythin'!
The baby's on its way, right? Let me help.
I've helped deliver babies before, so I know what I'm doin'.
That's okay with you, right, Ayuta?
Fortunately, none of these people are our opponents this time, so I have no objections at the moment. Feel free to do whatever you wish.
What are ya talkin' about? You're comin' to help too!
I am?

And so, the crowd gathers in the bedroom...

What a relief! Oh, Kushina, it's so good to have you here.
Boys! Don't just stand there. Go get some of the things we'll need!
As many pieces of cloth as possible, warm water in a tub, and a knife. If you can't find one, I guess Ayuta's sword will do. And if you can find some kind of thin pipe-like thing, that would be great.
...All right.
And that goes for you two big oafs as well! Get going!
But where are we supposed to get stuff like that?

Heh, heh.

Actually, let's first have a chat with the guys before we move on.

Squall is is usual talkative self:

And finally, Ayuta:

She's my only friend.
She's been down ever since we arrived here, but now I see her smiling again for the first time. I love it when she smiles.
What did I say that gave you the impression I was interested in your love life?
Oh well. I see. I thought we could put aside our differences for a time, but perhaps not.
Anyway, I hope your child is delivered safely. I truly wish that for you.
Are they really going to use my sword? But, I suppose, under the circumstances, I can hardly say no...

And now, let's see if we can get those items from Piu-Piu.

Thank goodness for that. Anyway, how about it? Do you have any cloth we can use, or warm water?
You've come to the right place! Towels will work, right?
I think there are some in the bureau in Vahti's room.
Didn't ya even think to check?
And I've got warm water and a "thin pipe", too.
I mean, who doesn't enjoy sipping hot water through a straw on a chilly morning?

Who indeed...

For real.

On the way back...

Back in the bedroom...

Well, all that's left to do now is to wait, so we might as well pass the time by talking to the other guys (I'm sorry, but this does also include Piu-Piu...).

This time we start with Ayuta:

It's because you are a man. It's expected that you will climb that ladder of social ambition. But a woman has to resign herself to her station.
It's not so hard. All you have to do is reach your hand out to her.
Different nations, different customs, I suppose. I envy your kingdom's way of thinking.
...Maybe you aren't as tough as you first seemed.
Kushina, hang on... If we survive this battle... If we survive...


Hmm... Rachel and I were havin' an argument over who was gonna name the baby.
She never gave in, even when she was right in the middle of deliverin'. There's no limit to how stubborn that woman can be.
But when the baby was born and we saw Vahti's face, she decided I should name her after all.
She said whatever I came up with would be the best name for our daughter.
This was back before I was called "Olgar", when my name was "Dante".
What made you decide on the name "Vahti"?
It means "goddess" in the language of ancient Ezcar.
Heh heh. Surprisingly, I'd say you picked a pretty good name.
Aw, don't tease. Let's see what kind of great name you come up with!

Next is Squall:

Hm, weird... who's trying to determine what here?

Anyway, here is the resident perv, Piu-Piu:

Uh, I don't think I want to know, really.

And then some more...

Your outlook on life?
Just wait. You'll see, soon enough.
Hey, by the way. Piu-Piu gave me somethin' pretty nice. I'll show it to ya later.
When is that baby gonna get here? It's takin' forever.

Still no baby, so let's make another round.


Kushina, you were wonderful. If you hadn't been here... well, I don't even want to think about it.
All I could do was stand by and watch, I'm afraid.
But you held my hand the whole time, Cyllis.
Yes, I did manage to do that.
Thank you... Thank you, all of you!
Ha ha ha ha!
Lemme get a look at him!
He's a tiny little guy! I forgot how small babies are! Hm, I'd say he looks a little more like Vieg than Vahti.
But what a cute little lad!
May I see him, too?
It's incredible... How can something so small be so full of life?
So, how does it feel to be a father, Vieg?
I... I don't know. It hasn't sunk in yet...
Ha ha ha! I bet it'd feel more real if ya had delivered the baby yerself!
That's the way it is when ya become a father. It'll all sink in soon enough, believe you me!

You might recall that Vahti mentioned Ohm several times in the first game. So now you know.

Well, I guess Agent won't let us have even a moment of peace then...

For the time bein', I want you and Rachel to just stay here with Ohm. Vieg and I will go work somethin' out.
You and Vieg are pitted against one another?
I had better get back to Yorath.
Vahti and Rachel, thank you so much for allowing me to take part in this wonderful experience.
Please allow me to hold little Ohm later when we get the chance.
Kushina, we'd better go too.
Oh... All right.
Vahti, we'll talk lots more when I get back, okay?
Watch over our son.
What are you going to do? Are you going to try and take on the Agent and that death creature?
No, they're too powerful. And we have Ohm to think about as well. It's still too dangerous.
So what are you...?
I guess we'll have a face-off.
What!? What are you talking about? That would mean you and Vieg would be trying to kill each other!
That's right.
You have an idea, don't you?
Yeah, but it's a long shot.
Idea? What idea?
I'll let ya know when the time comes. It's a pretty simple plan, actually.
All right, fine. I trust you.
Vieg, Father, promise me you'll come back safe. I can't lose either one of you. Ohm and I need you both!
Don't worry. We'll manage somehow.
Olgar, you're going to get us out of here, right? You promised, don't forget.
Don't worry. Nothin' can stop this family--not with two Royal Talons as members!
We'll get through this, no matter how bad it seems now.

Well then. Let's see what happens next time. Who will not be coming back from the Arena fights, that is the question...