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Part 55: Olgar

At this point we're done with all the "regular" dungeons. Theoretically, we should be fighting Yorath and Cyllis now. But before we move on, let's quickly visit with Piu Piu for some new equipment and more...

Quick chat...

...and then we are greeted by Cyllis's voice:

And "that door" leads to the "Conglom plant", whatever that is. Let's see...

Uh, looks quite unpleasant... in fact there is more to it than just looks as we'll find out in a moment. Incidentally, Japanese text (ミクスチャー処理場) says "Mixture Treatment Plant" so I guess the English version is not too far off especially since I've already mention that Mixtures are called Congloms here.

Random battles in this area are populated mostly by very strong versions of old bosses! Crazy. In any case, going alone we can't actually do a whole lot against most of them, but if we try, we might notice that weird fire symbol next to our HP... what it really means is that this place has a permanent detrimental status effect on our characters! At the end of each turn, they will lose 5% of their max HP; like a permanent poison status of some sort! As if it was not already difficult enough!

But no matter, moving a bit forward, we quickly come to where Cyllis and Yorath are standing.

So that fainthearted feline gave Ohm up just like that, did he.
So if I defeat you, you'll give back Vahti and Ohm?
Yes, I am a woman of my word.
Now then. My child and Theia's child! Which of you has what it takes to attain the ultimate glory?
We will now find out the truth!

Of course, it's a boss fight, what else. Yorath has a permanent regen status which heals him for more than we can damage him for--this is game's way into railroading us so we have to fight Cyllis first. Oh well, let's get to it, she's a pushover anyway.

Im going to start with this, because it will put Wind element on Vieg. This will be helpful in a moment.

Also it does nice damage to Cyllis.

She casts Water spell on us, but our Wind element causes it do minimal damage, hence why we put it on.

This is Yorath's healing, as you can see it's useless to fight him at this time.

A critical hit against Cyllis does a lot of damage due to elemental mismatch Water-Wind as before.

Yes, yes, we know.

At this point, Cyllis is one hit away from KO, so we can finish her off.

And we have defeated her.

Now is the time for second part and he no longer has the stupid regen on so we can fight him for real.

I guess that's OK damage...

He's really not doing that much to us either.

Uh, he has TONS of HP (that's the bar under his name). This will take a while. Also don't forget that we STILL have that stupid permanent poison/whatever on, even during this fight!

And then he does this:

Not liking the look of this attack animation...

Ugh, yeah, it's an one-shot KO.

Our genetic nature is too different. We are of different races.
It's like predicting the outcome of a fight between a bear and a weaponless child.
As long as you are human, you will never be able to surpass me.
Vahti... Ohm...
This isn't over yet...

Hey, it's Olgar!

But Yorath simply teleported back behind Olgar...

Ya don't know what it is to love, or be loved.
...I love Cyllis. And Cyllis loves me.
Nah, that's different. The two of ya just depend on each other, that's all. Ya just want somebody to acknowledge yer existence.
That's not true. How could you possibly understand?
Cyllis needs yer strength. If ya didn't have that, she would've used ya as one of her "samples".
That's not true!
You don't know Cyllis. You don't understand her magnificent resolve, her way of thinking!
We give each other love and affection!
I bet ya've had yer own doubts, right? Ya know yer nothin' more than a tool to her.
Even if ya were on the verge of losin' this fight, she wouldn't lift a finger to save ya.
That's because she believes in me. She knows I'll be victorious in the end!

So now we have to fight him again, but with Olgar!

About the same damage. But Olgar too suffers from the perma-poison in this area...

Ok, this is bad, with this attack we are reduced to 1 HP!

Nothing to do but keep fighting!

Uh-oh, he's gonna do that thing again!

And... wait, what, Olgar is still standing?

In case you haven't connected the dots yet... Olgar's not kidding here--you CAN'T lose this battle at all; he will simply stay at 1 HP and no attacks will do any further damage to Olgar while we are chipping away at Yorath!

Even when Yorath does his Divine Diversion attack again, all that happens is that we actually learn a skill that makes this attack non-lethal in the future, even in a normal fight.

As mentioned, Yorath has tons of HP, so this goes on for a while, but eventually...

The rest of this scene cannot possibly be done justice in screenshots, so please watch this video instead:

VIDEO: We Fought Yorath and We Won... What Now? (make sure to switch it to 720px HD for much better quality!)

And so there we are. We gained Vahti back, but lost Olgar/Dante and also became the new Olgar in the process.

* * *

In the meantime, then, please join me in saying goodbye to Olgar/Dante...