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Part 56: A Burial and a Toast

But if you continue with this recklessness...!
What else can I do!? We need to get past Yorath if we wanna get out of here!
I don't wanna lose you too!
I think we already have the strength we need to defeat Yorath. I just know it.
I think Father was trying to tell us that.
How can--

(sigh) What I wouldn't give to have Olgar by my side, one more time.
There was still so much I wanted to learn from your parents.
And I wanted Mother to teach me all about child rearing...
We all wanted to spend more time together.

Vahti, it's finally starting to sink in that I'm a father now.
I want to keep Ohm safe, and I want to open paths for him so he can create a new future.
I want to safeguard that smile of his.
If we work together, I bet we can do it.
Olgar said, you always welcomed him home with a warm smile. He said that that alone was enough to make him a happy man.
I... I...
Now I think I know just what he meant.
I... wish Mother and Father could've seen Ohm smile...

My parents gave us the love and wisdom they received from their parents...
...and now we'll do the same for Ohm.
And that love and wisdom grows and grows as it's passed from generation to generation.
That's what makes us strong.
We're all interconnected, not isolated entities.
The love and wisdom from all our ancestors, going back thousands of years, and which will be passed down to all the children of the future... resides in each one of us.
Yorath and Cyllis undoubtedly believe in whatever it is they're trying to accomplish, but what we're trying to do is every bit as important.
That's right. And that's something they'll never understand.