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Part 60: Adverse Reaction

So, here's where we stopped last time...

Let's press on...

Hey, here's Cyllis, finally.

It's been a while since last boss fight (or not...). In any case, here we are, fighting Cyllis again. But first, she has something to tell us.

This is for reals, in this battle if the morale gauge is not on your side, you can't heal (and that includes also items). This is a bit of an issue, but generally it means that you need to take the opportunity to top yourself off when you can in hopes that it will be enough later.

Since she likes to cast water elemental spells on us, we'll start by casting a wind spell on her, which will neuter them and provide increased damage for us.

This would be doing well over 1000 HP damage if hadn't cast wind first!

Also, we are murdering her!


Oh... that's it? Yet another attack with a massive long animation but not a huge effect in the end. Oh well.

This one is annoying--it is a one time reflect spell for any magic you cast on her (and that includes any items that cast elemental attacks, and such). Luckily we are not using spells in the battle, so it won't affect us.

Ultimately, we win.

Some new skills here, although it's a bit late in the game for them to be very useful. Venom Kiss is an attack that has a chance of giving various status effects to the target; Reclamation is passive skill that has a certain chance of healing you at the end of a turn. So nothing overly interesting.

In case you were wondering what on earth happened here, she actually fused herself with whatever that thing was that was behind her during this fight.

You can watch the fight with Cyllis and surrounding cutscenes in video form below. I recommend it because Cyllis's voice actress really goes full on with the crazy!

VIDEO: Cyllis brings the crazy! (make sure to switch it to 720px HD for much better quality!)

Well, looks like a new challenger is materialising here? What'll it be this time then?

Wait a second...


So. This appears to be some kind of monstrosity which fused Dante and Rachel together, and we need to fight it.

Yes, we are going straight into another boss battle without having been given a chance to save the game--this is very annoying, but luckily this battle is actually easier than the last. For one, there are no healing restrictions to begin with.

On an slightly related note, I seem to recall that a game (pretty sure it was The Last Remnant) had at one point not two but three really tough boss fights without any chance to save in between... so it could be worse).

In any case, this time we'll start with the fire elemental spell because DanteAndRachel likes to cast wind on us!

But we find that it heals for exactly the amount of damage that we do.

Thank you, DanteAndRachel. Now we can attack properly!

DanteAndRachel has a few different attacks with funny names. This is one:

It does about 1000 damage to one person (or both in case of pair attack).

Or something like this:

It tries to prevent us from using spells (bind is like silence in Final Fantasy), but we are again not using any spells in this battle, so it won't matter anyway.

Eventually it gets to this point:

Victory, I guess...?

But let's not forget about the fused Cyllis-monster:

It appears that DanteAndRachel is holding the transformed Cyllis off... giving us a chance to escape!

Oh hey, Theia! You are terrible!


So it would seem that this part consisted of nothing but boss fights! In any case, stay tuned for the finale in the exciting next episode!