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Part 70: The Town Where I Live

Last time we were ordered to take Marie with us and go and retrieve the Chalice...

We'll just make a quick stop at Piu-Piu's shop before we talk to Lessica.

And he gets slapped again!

Moving right along.

We can get a minor weapon upgrade for Marie. It's pretty small, but why not.

Araki does not have a whole lot to say this time around.

So let's just get more info from Lessica.

That is correct. Your destination is a certain city in the country you know as Leagard.
...I'm afraid you may see some unpleasant things there. Take care.
Needing the Chalice... This is turning into the most unusual Rite of Resealing.
The location of the Chalice has been programmed into the transporter. Take care when you go to retrieve it.

Our destination does not have a very inviting name...

...and neither does it look very nice.

Incidentally, Japanse title for this dungeon is something like "Look carefully, this is what sin looks like!"

Dungeon map design in this game is a much nicer than in previous two.

There is a particularly annoying random battle here... These guys. They don't look like much, but as soon as you kill one...

Sometimes this just keeps on going forever and the only way out is to use the Escape command. It's silly.

Bad things happened in this place.

But that doesn't stop us from getting a slightly better clothes for female characters.

And also this, which has a chance of preventing insta-death attacks. We won't be encountering anybody who can do one of those for a while yet, though.

Hm, what's this?

However, he is saved from answering by a sudden appearance of an enemy. This is just an ordinary random battle so we defeat the bird easily. And then...

Communication at its finest.

Again, one part of dungeon is blocked off at this point.

Eventually we reach our destination. Sure looks like a boss fight to me.

Our opponent this time is the Firedrake.

Unsurprisingly, he is weak to water. So Marie can spam Cocytus while Darwin does normal attacks. I avoid pair attacks to reduce need for healing. However, you should do one pair cast of Cocytus at least so that Darwin's element is changed to Water because otherwise Firedrake will be strong to his Wind elemental attacks because of Orlando's Sopia.

Occasionally, Firedrake will do this...

...but it just means that this is following in the next turn. So you can defend or heal or whatever you need to do to survive a strong fire attack.

Also we get to use Marie's limit break. It is basically a free heal for the whole party. This is actually very useful, especially against strong bosses where she'll be taking enough damage to be able to use this virtually every second or third turn.

In the end, we win.

An object materialises where the monster used to be...

I hope nobody put any money into a bet that we will miss out on the Chalice at the last moment...

Now what.

So, we can return to the Hall...

   * * *

Well then.

Looks like for once we succeeded. Chalice is ours, now just to put it to use.

And I'm not going to lie to you. From next part, things are really going to get serious. To prove that, here is a preview of a screenshot from the next update:

That is actually a real screenshot from next part, not a joke. And I am not joking either, things really are going to get serious.

Next time on Chaos Rings 2: The Flavours of Despair!