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Part 73: The Second Pillar?

It is time to make the second sacrifice (remember, Orlando was the first).

The decision has been made that it be Conor.

It is what it is, I guess.

And he literally runs off! Unbelievable.

I guess we need to try and find him. But before that, let's see what everybody has to say about it...

After a while of looking...

...he runs past us again back into the hall.

Let's follow him!

Man this is annoying.

So I guess Li Hua will go and find him. As expected, we take over the control of her now. We'll head out in a moment, but first...

Our destination is again the dungeon we just visited with Araki...

Let's see if we can find him.

His position is helpfully marked on a map.

And we find him fighting off some monsters. Let's first help him and then we'll talk.

These are just ordinary enemies, so nothing to worry about, they die in one hit.

I guess, let's head back and see what happens.

Are you KIDDING me!

Let's see...

    *  * *

So, no thanks to Conor, we are right back where we started, except now he's not any more an option. Therefore we have to sacrifice either Araki or Li Hua, one of the actually useful characters. How annoying.

Since Conor and Araki had pretty much the same number of votes last time, I guess next time we'll try to offer Araki as a pillar and hope it goes better than this.

Also, thank you for picking Conor (not that anybody wouldn't have really) because it allowed us to see this little extra bit of content without me having to go through the contortions of explaining why I am disregarding the vote.

This may also be a good moment to explain one small bit about gameplay mechanics. Since the game has a branching storyline, obviously, it's not possible to see everything in one single playthrough. However, the game is quite merciful (again), and once you finish it one time, it does allow you to continue from specific points in story, without having to start from the beginning. This makes it easier to explore the different story branches, although they do for the most part join up again later on.