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Part 80: Sadness (The Fourth Pillar)

Since Darwin is absolutely refusing to sacrifice Marie at this point, we have no other choice but...

So Li Hua wants to go and do something first before we proceed with the ritual. Well then, why not.

First, let's see if anybody has anything to say to us.

Nothing from Marie...

...and not a whole lot from Piu-Piu either.

Lessica has a few typical comments, though.

Actually, this reminds me...

...we need to read a new entry in her diary! Almost forgot.


I use the transporter to go down to earth, to prepare myself to aid in the Rite.

When I brought back the fruits of the land, I was so taken by their variety and brilliance that I forgot to leave any duplicates in their place. I shall go again tomorrow.

I also wish to obtain the ingredients for the food called "quiche", which was among the recipes I gathered today. I wonder if I will be able to find a good dish in which to prepare it.

I am able to feel every day that the time I can spend in such proximity to human civilisation is a precious thing.

So these diary entries from Lessica continue to be nothing less than fascinating.

Well, it's time to go.

First, we are going over here for a quick visit. You might recall that there was one spot (other than one blocked because we didn't have a Sopia Coure) that we couldn't pass in this dungeon, where there was a huge boulder blocking the path. Well, guess where we are going!

To make matters easier...

...Li Hua simply punches the stone.

And just like that the passage is open...

...and it brings us to a small field of flowers. And now, enjoy the scene that follows, I am not going to break it up with silly comments.

With that done, we can now proceed with the rite proper...

...except, we are interrupted by Marie running in.

We DO however have time for one more chat with everybody, before setting out.

And one quick visit to Piu-Piu...

Nobody seems to have much to say these days...

Our real destination is here, and in fact we haven't been to this place pretty much since the beginning of the game!

Since this is an introductory dungeon, its map is quite a bit simpler than later ones! As expected, this time we'll be making our way all the way to the end.

I just like to stop at this place and admire the frozen wave, no other reason for this screenshot.

And here we are at the barrier...

...but, with the help of the Sopia core...

Along the way, we come across this...

...a weapon upgrade for Li Hua. Not bad to have, even for the little while that she has left here.

My country may be prone to conflict, but when we're not fighting, we're a surprisingly lively bunch.
Especially our festivals. They're just so beautiful.
Gorgeous costumes, elegant lanterns. Tons of fireworks bursting in the air. A full day of fun and merriment.
That sounds amazing. Our festivals aren't nearly as fancy.
I know, right? They're kind of our local specialty.
I won't be able to take Xiao now. Do you think I could ask you to do it?
Li Hua...
I mean, it's pretty far for you and all...
It'll be hard for you to find him with just a name to go by... but it's not like I can ask anyone else.
All right. I promise. I'll find Xiao, and I'll show him that festival.
I knew I could count on you. That festival is really something special. I bet you'll enjoy it, too.
Sure! It'll be great.

Well, let's keep going.

Hey, it's a panda! We can use Darwin's jump ability to get to it.

It's a Panda Thug, and easily defeated.

Just one more left! But where is it? Haven't we been pretty much everywhere at this point?

In any case, here we are at the end.

Yep, it's Conquest.

I love how Li Hua here is all "oh, enough talk, let's fight". My thoughts exactly.

He's really easy at this point. Not much HP at all, and look at that damage!

He's not doing much to us, either!

Yeah, yeah, stop me from using items, who cares.

Just keep going...

Oh hey, my limit break is charged!!

Not a lot left to do after this one really.

Yes, well. Time to kill Li Hua I guess.

Still? After we've come all this way?
Bachs was right. I've taken many lives in my day. Consider it payback...
No! Even if you do have blood on your hands, your child needs you!
Besides... you don't know the anguish of a motherless child!
...That's right. You're an orphan.
Without you, your child will be all alone... And I... I can't do that...
Orlando sure was right about you.
Li Hua...
But, Darwin... Was Orlando's sacrifice all for nothing?
Let's just set aside the whole "saving the world" thing for now.
We still have something--or someone--we want to protect, you and me.
For me, that's my son.
And my son needs this world if he's going to go on living in it.

And so...

It's time to fight...

Other than the fact that we are the wrong element (which we can easily fix) there is nothing special about this fight really. She will use various basic attacks, including counters, but nothing really that unusual.

All of this works the same as before. So we can go back.