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Part 84: Right Back Where it All Began

Last time we left off just before our exclamation mark goal...

...and now Lessica is not feeling too good.

Well, let's press on and see what we find.

Yep, those are our friends in their "frozen" state, as seen previosly.

Hopefully, Lessica's plan will work.


Well, and so here we are, right back where the story began. This is the guy Darwin was (unsuccessfully) fighting during the game's prologue. Now at least we know his name.

Well, that's not such a bad damage.

Oh right, I forgot about his regeneration ability. Looks like we can't do anything here, same like we couldn't in the prologue.

Here it comes...


You may have noticed that there was some kind of energy beam going on between the "frozen" Pillars; apparently that somehow prevents Neron from regenerating and finally allows us to fight him normally. Not only that, but Lessica is also back with us.

Because, why not. Darwin will be doing the offensive duties, while Lessica will be on support. This not generally a hard battle, except for one thing--which he didn't do to me this time!

His damage output is within normal boundaries, but he does have the ability to attack twice in one turn.

Keep going with this for a few turns and then...

Our other overpowered skill.

It actually deals over 10,000 damage in one use (the screenshots don't show all hits)!

Eventually we come to this. Luckily for us, he did not use his nastiest skill, Megiddo Blessing. It damages you and inflicts random bad status effects (blind, poison, etc.). It's not really too bad because by this point I have a few of "heal-all" items (which you can't buy, only find in chests and as monster drops), so we would have been able to heal, but it's better not to have to do that, really.

And so...

Hey! They're back!

The rest of this scene is better seen as video, so please use the link below for that.

VIDEO: The Aftermath of Neron (make sure to switch it to 720px HD for much better quality!)

And so it goes. For those keeping track, this was the "good" ending. If you've ever played a JRPG or a Visual Novel game, you probably know what I'm hinting at here. Nevertheless, for now, we get an expected follow up after this scene: