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Part 85: A Reunion

Oh fine...

...I'll do it one more time.

Interestingly, in Japanese version, Amon is actually called Amen (or rather, Emen - エメン). Note that this is not because it's not possible to spell Amon in Japanese, because it is possible. I wonder.

In fact, this part of the game and everything that follows can only be accessed if you have previously done both "good" and "bad" ending. Things get a bit annoying if you choose the "good" ending first as you can't then choose the "bad" one any more! However, at this point the game does give you the ability to access the previous chapters (the option is accessed behind that locked door on the opposite side from Piu-Piu's room--it's not locked any more), so you can still back up a bit and get to the decision point to play the "bad" ending. Once you've done that, you can reload your game again and... well, continue with the plot basically. As you already saw, we simply continue exactly where we stopped last time.

And now...

The ground starts shaking...

At this point, she leaves and we're left here. Our task is simply to make our way back to the main hall. For this, we can chose which two characters we want to do it with.

This time, the groups are actually fixed (we'll see why this is a bit later). First group is Orlando and Li Hua.

Second group is Araki and Conor.

And finally, as expected, Darwin and Marie. We'll go with these two.

The road to first checkpoint is completely uneventful.

Now we can take the first lift.

Oh, for heaven's sake, just spit it out already!

Whew, crisis averted!

Well, that was a pointless conversation.

Again the fancy staircase!

And the second and last lift.

More climbing the stairs...

...and finally the teleporter!

And we're back.

We'll leave this conversation for another time. For now...

...we need to get everybody up to date on their equipment!

As you can see, we now have all characters available again, including in fact Lessica and Orlando! There is a great, great joke that the game pulls if you put Lessica in your party, but that I will show in the next update--you will absolutely love it!

For Darwin, we can get a better sword. It's not a typo, Nothung is a mythical sword from Wagner's Ring Cycle of operas.

Orlando is way overdue on weapon upgrades, so...

Even Marie can be upgraded. This staff does slightly reduce her attack power, but she almost never uses physical attacks, so this is absolutely fine.

The Symposium is one of the things we stole during all those boss fights!

Lancination was the other, but there is already a better weapon for Conor so we'll use that instead!

As always for Li Hua there is a choice of either defensive or offensive weapon. We'll pick offensive, of course.

Even Lessica gets a slight upgrade.

Well, that's that for now, we've gathered everybody back together and now need to hear what it is that Lessica wants us to do.

Before we do that, we'll spend some time indulging in an activity that every self-respecting JRPG character will indulge in at a time like this when the fate of the world hangs in the balance! You know what I'm talking about, of course, but more on that next time!