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Part 92: This Isn't Even My Final Form!

So, last time...

...our fight against Bachs/Amon didn't end too well.

Well, that actually makes sense really.

Where did she come from...?

So basically, the idea is that if we defeat Ophan Lessica, she will "fuse" with Amon (same like other characters have fused with Neron earlier, which should allow us to defeat him... or something.

Helpfully, the game gives us a warning that from this point on there is no more possibility to save until the ending. Wouldn't it be nice if all games warned you like this?

In any case, as I've already mentioned, first we need to fight against Ophan Lessica.

As you might expect, she is holy elemental so dark attacks will do nicely.

We can also steal a weapon for Lessica from her... wait, what?

Continuing on...

...victory is soon ours. That battle is not actually hard at all.

What happens next is better seen as video so please use the link below to watch the next cutscene.

VIDEO: The Real Amon (?) (make sure to switch it to 720px HD for much better quality!)

This follows exactly the same pattern as before with Ophan fights.

He tries something against us, but...

It's time for the next boss battle! This time against Amon for real.

We can start simply...

...because I need Marie to steal his item, which, incidentally, is a weapon for Lessica. Wait, what?

In any case, many of his attacks will be elemental spells... we can counter them in a typical fashion, thanks to Marie's overpowered magic.

He tends to talk a lot, but not much makes any sense really.

After a bit of this...

...and a bit of this...

...we are done here.

Nice finishing blow there, Darwin.

What the heck.