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Part 93: Godslayer

And so here we are...

...and, believe it or not, it's a boss fight. But who is this anyway?

Oh, so it's him. It would appear that somehow through Lessica (?) we've manage to enter Amon's realm and this is his real self, finally. So let's try attacking.

Well, didn't work.

Again, oops.

But, somehow, we don't die. Instead, our HP is just reduced down to 1.

Beating him may be a problem. Not only can we not damage him, but he actually heals for 11250 HP at the end of every turn as you can see here.

Hm, what's going on here...?

Ah, I see. So Darwin now gets a massive boost to all his stats.

Let's try attacking again...

Well, that's nice, but... I assume he still heals at the end of a turn, so not sure how this will help.

There he goes again...

That's interesting.

And yes, he still heals. So this doesn't work.

And all this apparently causes us to get a new limit break!

The description could have been phrased a bit better here... what this limit break does is deal nine attacks in total to randomly chosen enemies, i.e. each of nine hits will hit a random enemy. Of course here it does not make a difference since there is only one enemy anyway. Well, let's try it out then... we are trying to kill a god, after all, aren't we?

Ok then. So that was easily 500,000+ HP in damage right there. Don't get too excited though, right now Darwins stats are hugely augmented--in a normal fight each hit of this attack will deal a similar amount of damage as one hit from Collbrande does.

All the monsters are disappearing...

What's going on with the planet...?

And we're back. Lessica doesn't seem to be doing too well though...

And with that, she is gone. Looks like destroying Amon automatically took her out of existence too. Knowing what we know now, it does make sense.

Let's finish this then.

It's time for everybody to leave...

Well then.

Even the teleporter has shut off.

One more time, the game asks us to make the gesture ourselves by swiping on the screen.

Well. In any case, it's time for another credits sequence. This one is quite funky, as it gives us some nice paintings showing how all characters ended up.

What was that!

Don't tell me that...