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Part 7: Survival Confirmation

Part 7 - Survival Confirmation


This update... is actually relatively wholesome, what the hell!? Well, 'relatively' is the key word in that sentence...


In ESO, I was a god. There was no need to be frightened by demons. Everyone revered me.

I always thought about how wonderful it would be if I could stay forever in such a comforting world.

"Ooooh, my character's appearance changed! Amazing! This is wild! Hey, look look look, take a look, Grim!"

SFX:Someone is banging on the door in the background

"Guess I'll head back to the city and show it off a bit."

Having gotten my paws on an ultra-rare item I'd been searching for forever, I was in hyper mode. My depression had been completely blown away.

Meanwhile, the one banging on the door is now yelling as well as banging on the door. It's a girl, and though I don't speak Japanese I do know "Onii!"

Its only effect is to change your characters appearance, and it doesn't have any practical use. But on the flipside, since those around you could tell at a glance if you had one, you'd be the object of many envious stares.

Given that, and the increasingly violent banging, I feel safe in concluding that she's saying something like "Open the damn door, bro!"

"Hehehe, I did it... Neidhardt's gotten another step closer to God!"


So much for wallowing in the joy of snagging a rare item. Don't get in my way...


That voice...

I became dejected the second I heard that familiar voice. No doubt about it, the voice's owner was the assassin sent out by my parents-my little sister Nanami. This was going to be a headache.

S, Shit...

A stormy period of time was about to start.

I really didn't want to open it, but if I didn't, she'd run back to my parents, and they'd tell me, "You should give up on living alone, after all. Come back home..."

This building's owner was, by and large, my dad, so he could put enough pressure on me to chase me out without so much as breaking a sweat.

Uuh, it doesn't get any more unreasonable than this...


Don't wail so loud...

Helpless, I released the inner padlock and opened the door.



This loli-bodied runt is my little sister. One year younger.

"At least give an answer when I call out to you. I started to think you might've dropped dead."

Every time we see each other, she starts complaining.

As could be seen from how she stood with her hands on her hips and her head thrown back, she was a cheeky little brat.

Her existence brought me a hundred disadvantages and not one bit of benefit.

"Uwah, your room's as dirty as usual. Clean it up a little, will ya?"

It's because she's my little sister that she gets ahead of herself like this...

When I see those guys who moe over little sister types, I want to tell them at the top of my lungs: "You've gotta battle with the reality of it."

Well, sister or not, I didn't think she had a bad face. Her kind of childish-looking face might be smack in the strike zone for loli lovers.

Ah, by the way, I don't mind loli types. As long as they're 2-D. Hehehe.

"Well, it's not like you have a girlfriend to help you clean up, and you're the sloppy sort, so it was obvious things would end up like this~"
"At this rate, maybe it would be better if I came and cleaned for you, after all."
"Bu, but I refuse...."
"But why!"
"I, I don't want... want to let you... mess up my room..."
"How mean... Is that the kind of thing you say to the little sister who came all the way out here to make sure you were still alive?"

You yourself don't show your brother an ounce of respect. Besides, no one asked you to come check on my survival.

"Geez... Why do I have to be siblings with someone who causes nothing but trouble? Sometimes I hate it."


Advancing further and further into the room, Nanami opened the fridge without asking permission.

"I, I don't care..."
"Whatever. Then I'll have the Coke."

As usual, it looked like she had no intention of getting my approval first.

It's time for a Delusion Trigger!

Positive? Negative? Neutral? Which will it be?