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Part 8: Gero Froggy

Part 8 - Gero-Froggy


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How gross. Going for an indirect kiss. Girls shouldn't be so crude.

Geez, this is why the third dimension is a piece of shit. I'd better throw away the rest of that Coke once Nanami has left.

"Nnn, Nnn"

Hey, hold up, you....


"It's true, there's nothing better having something to drink after you exercise. I ran all the way here from school."
"....Y, you drank it all? .....A, and in one breath...."

Never mind that I'd bought that Coke with my own money. Just because she's my little sister, she thinks she can do whatever she wants, oh yes she does....

"Ah.... Cr, crud...."

Nanami paled as she looked at the empty bottle. Apparently she saw how rude she'd been to her brother. So she'd finally picked up on--

"Oh, no, I'm gonna gain weight again!"

"You're to blame, you know--"

For some reason, Nanami decided to take it out on me. She's incomprehensible.

"Cause you love Coke, even I ended up turning into a huge Coke fan."
"D, don't.... make it my fault...."
"C'mon, didn't we always have Coke in the fridge at home?"
"Mom's such a softie when it comes to you."
"Did you know? Coke has a huge amount of calories. You should try not to drink so much of it, either."
"Stick to milk tea from here on out."

Way to say that after finishing off my Coke all on your own. Was what the kind of thing you came here to tell me?

"G, go home.... already...."

She'd confirmed that I was still alive, so she had no reason to stay here. Why did she have to come up into my room each and every time?

It looked like my words had hit her where it hurt. Glaring at me, she pouted. It would be a hassle to deal with her, so I looked away.

"I was so worried about you, and I went out of my way to see how you were doing...."
"Aren't there times when you spend the entire day shut up in here, without talking to anyone?"
"You never even have the chance to talk to any girls, do you?"

Sh, shut up, stop jeering at me.... I'm not into 3-D girls, so there's no need for me to talk with them.

"That's why you ought to treat me better. That way, you'll learn a little about how to make contact with girls."

As she spoke, Nanami picked up one of my figures--Hikaru-tan from "Suicide for the Light"--and scrutinized her intently.

Argh, don't unilaterally decide to touch one of my wives.... I'll knock your lights out if you get fingerprints on her.

"Also, you should take better care of yourself."

What on earth was this sister of mine trying to say? Lately, she'd somehow started to give off the same kind of feeling as our mom. Which is to say, in conclusion--

"I, I'm fine, so.... go back."

"I've still got something to do here!"

Ugh.... she was getting more and more hysterical. If I pissed her off any more than this, she'd go out of control. Chill out, self....

"Let's go buy you a cell."


What's she saying?

"Dad told me to. If you owned a cell phone, I could check whether you were alive anytime I wanted, couldn't I?"
"He gave the money to me, so let's go buy it now. Nowadays, practically everyone owns a cell phone. You're gonna get left behind by the rest of the modern world."

Granted, it was a given for contemporary high schoolers to have cell phones. But I didn't own one.

I didn't have any opportunities to use one. There was no one for me to call or text. I didn't want to spend money on something I wouldn't use.

"So why don't we get going?"

Nanami returned the figure to its shelf and peered at my face.

Along with her words, she took her own cell phone out of her bag and held it out toward me as if she were offering me a pill box.

"While I'm at it, I'll give you the same strap as me."
"Uwah.... wh, what a sloppily designed mascot...."

Dude, this wasn't anywhere near the level of "lazily made" or "disturbing but cute"!

"It's not sloppy! That's just the Gero-froggy design. It's super popular right now!"
"Haa, of course you wouldn't know what's hot among high school girls--"
"If we fix that about you, I think you'd definitely be a little more successful at talking to girls."

That's why I'm telling you to shut up, trend-worshipper! What is this Gero-froggy crap? Logically speaking, no matter how you look at it, this kind of thing would never start a fad.

How sad for her, failing to realize that she's being controlled by the media....

"C'mon, let's go and get you a cell phone."
"Ah, but it's not like I'm saying I want us to have matching ones, okay? It's cause there are plans that offer lower fees if family members get the same model."
"You're the only one in the family who doesn't have one."
"D, don't wanna...."

"Don't.... need one...."

If anything, it would only get in the way. If I had a cell phone, Mom would make sure to call me every single day.

If I ignored her, she'd obviously send Nanami out as her assassin again.

In short, it'd turn into more of a hassle than it already was before, and I'd have to be even more careful. I couldn't put up with that.

"Yeah.... please do so...."

"N, no way...."

Why did I have to see her off today? I'd never done so any of the other times she'd dropped by.


For an instant, yesterday's events seemed about to revive at the back of my mind, and I frantically shook my head, sending that gruesome spectacle flying away.

"It, it doesn't matter either way...."

Surely the "New Gen" perpetrator wasn't so idle and curious as to attack a babyish kid like Nanami....

Nanami was on the verge of tears. Looked like my words had seriously gotten her down.


It had to be like this, after all. This was my base. I couldn't let anything go on here that wasn't to my tastes.

"Ah.... sh, shit, Nanami drank from this earlier...."

Urrgh, that sucks.... I had an indirect kiss with my little sister....

If Nanami were a little cuter, I might've been able to fap to this eroge-esque situation, but that personality of hers only made me go flaccid....

I put the lid back on the Coke bottle and threw it at the giant garbage bag that sat in the corner of my room.

Let's see. Better get back to immersing myself in ESO. I had to forget about reality and its aggravations ASAP....