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Part 103: Crying Sky

Part 103 - Crying Sky

A gaze falls from the sky.

The stare pierces through the rain clouds coated in pitch black. It pours down on me like the rain.

I don't feel the chill of the rain.

In fact, the droplets on my cheeks seem almost warm. It's the first time I've thought of rain as being warm.

No one is here. No one moves. No one lives. The only thing audible is the sound of the rain, continuing to fall.

If everything remains this way-- anything alive and anything dead-- will it all be gently enveloped and washed away?

I, too, hear him murmur this in his heart.

It's my fault he's ended up like this. If I handled things better, he wouldn't have needed to become involved.

Guilt torments me. I blame myself.

To one whose heart was so timid, fragile as glass, and so pure, it shattered into pieces.

I didn't want him to suffer, at least at the end of all this.

Lying there, he looks up at me with empty eyes.

I push aside my emotions. Despite seeing him, I look away to keep myself from weeping.


If you and I are the only ones in the world, if we continue gazing solely at each other like this for the rest of eternity--

Would my world be reduced to what your eyes reflect? Would your world be reduced to what my eyes reflect?

You are what's reflected in my eyes. I am what's reflected in yours. Viewing it that way instantly reduces the size of the world.

Whether it's a painful world, a difficult world, or even a sorrowful world, I'll make it so you no longer have to see it all.

Hanging my head-- I spread my arms apart--

Like aiming to fly above the rain clouds.

Like catching all of the rain.

I softly embrace his head. His body is empty of tension. It's as if he's prepared for death.

"I'm sorry...... I'm so sorry......"
"I'll make things easier for you now......"

His demeanor tells me it isn't merely conceit on my part.

--He wore a very peaceful smile.

That smile is so sad.

Even though I've held it in all this time, my tears blur my vision.

Because I didn't want him to see those tears,

Because he had finally attained peace, I didn't want to worry him any further.

I kissed him on the lips. A cold and dry sensation, seeming more and more sorrowful.

But his trembling stops at my kiss. I cherish how my warmth has been of some use to him.

Because he'll see my tearful face if my lips leave his, because I'll want to kiss him again if my lips leave his,

Because, if my lips leave his, I'll become selfish, and I won't be able to kill him,

I remained like that, plunging my Di-Sword into his chest.

You can sleep as long as you want now--

It isn't blue.

Not a speck of azure anywhere.

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OST: Cry

And so, we reach Ending B, titled 'Crying Sky' in the NoAH release. With this, we've reached the end of Chaos;Head. There is still Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu, but I have not had much luck in finding any materials (CGs, etc.) the way that I did for NoAH. I'll probably go through it all in one post.

OST: Gladioul

I'd just like to preemptively thank all of you. Making this LP has been a learning experience, and like all learning experiences, there have been rough patches. This game, too, is a bit divisive in how people view it. Regardless, you've stuck with me through all of it, and for that I am truly grateful.

Thanks for sticking it out with me.