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Part 104: Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu Summary

Part 104 - Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu

Before we get to the meat of this update, here's an OP to help you picture what kind of game this is (Not Safe For Work):
Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu OP - Let's Trip Some Flags!

Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu is a romantic comedy spinoff-sequel to Chaos;Head. It is to Chaos;Head what My Darling's Embrace is to Steins;Gate. It's also canon, and there are one or two details in it that come back in the other Science Adventure titles, so I might as well write about it. Unlike with Chaos;Head NoAH, I have not been able to find any detailed summaries of the various routes, so this will be fairly basic.

The game starts with a bit of exposition from the Blue Sky ending of Chaos;Head, but it suddenly cuts midway through to Takumi sitting at his computer, in his distinctly not-ruined container house. Takumi hears a voice behind him and turns around to see a girl (who he thinks is Rimi, but is not Rimi).

Things get heated, and just when Takumi is thinking that he might lose his virginity the real Rimi rips the door open with her Di-Sword and tells the girl (who turns out to be Seira) to stop what she's doing. Seira disappears into thin air and Takumi is left there, both thoroughly disappointed and thoroughly confused.

As Rimi leads Takumi outside to explain, he sees that Shibuya has no sign of earthquake damage and that it's the middle of summer (rather than approaching winter). Rimi explains that after the Blue Sky ending, Takumi fell unconcious and hasn't woken for a week. Takumi is trapped in his own delusionary world (akin to the sky world that was shown in Chaos;Head, but belonging to Takumi rather than Rimi or Shogun), and the only way out seems to be to kill Seira. Rimi performed a Delusion Synchronization to help Takumi here.

Takumi initially tries to directly summon Seira, seeing as he is basically the god of this world, but it doesn't work. Seira's little sister, Erin-fray Orgel, appears in Takumi's monitor (where she stays fr the rest of the game), to say that that won't work, killing her sister is impossible and Seira won't come because she's mad at Takumi.

Pictured above: Erin-fray Orgel (well, technically this is a picture of a cosplayer from Chaos;Child, but it's the same sprite so close enough).

With no other option than to search Shibuya, Rimi decides to move in with Takumi for the duration since she's homeless. Rimi initially tries to get Takumi to leave it all up to her, but he wants to join in, since this is his personal world after all. Not to mention, hunting down Seira seems like a way for him to leave behind his hikikomori otaku past and become a normie.

They head to the school, encountering the other girls who have also Performed a Delusion Synchro. They talk about searching for Seira for a bit, and all of them are obviously interested in Takumi, which he regards both positively (Harem FTW!) and negatively (all of these girls are bonkers and they have ready access to a sword).

Later, after Takumi leaves to go home, Rimi secretly meets the other girls in the library. She reveals that if Takumi stays in this world, he'll soon be unable to leave, his mind lost utterly. She also reveals that, even if Takumi wakes up, he'll no longer be a Giaglomaniac. Finally, she explains that, since they synchronized with Takumi's delusion, where everything is controlled by his subconscious, they too will be affected slightly. This is the justification for all the ecchi shenanigans that take place in the game.

And thus, the hunt for Seira begins!

Depending on how you respond to various Delusion Triggers, you can end up on one of the six character routes or end up getting the Bad Ending.

Bad Ending

In the Bad Ending, Takumi fails to make a connection with anyone and, after learning the truth about what's going on from Rimi, isolates himself in his house and gives up on the 3-D world entirely. When Seira appears before him and offers to merge with him, letting him join the 2-D world forever, he accepts. Game Over.

Nanami Route

Let's get this one out of the way. After a couple of tense scenes, Nanami and Takumi suddenly get an urge to hug and kiss each other. Neither party is really sure why they did it or what this means and run off in separate directions.

Takumi spends the next couple of days thinking about why he did it and, when Nanami indicates that she didn't mind, whether this is okay. On the one hand, Takumi (being three months old and created from a delusion) isn't strictly blood related to Nanami, nor was he reaised alongside her. On the other hand, Takumi has all of Shogun's memories of being her brother. This is complicated further when Erin brings up the possibility that it his unconscious delusions are affecting her behaviour, or that the Nanami in this world (and all the other girls) are fakes.

This comes to a head after a confrontation with Seira. Nanami is left with self-inflicted wounds on her hand (due to her Di-Sword apparently being very impractical for actually swinging around), although Seira seems disinterested in actually injuring her opponents, settling for tearing their clothes a little.

As Takumi tends her wounds, they talk about their feelings. Nanami has had these sorts of feelings for her brother since a young age. Takumi points out that she's talking about Shogun ( ), and Nanami brings up what she said after the Third Melt, that Takumi is also her brother. Takumi, on his part, regards her as more precious than anyone else and is loathe to let her go. Together, they affirm their love and kiss.

The next day, after school, they meet at Takumi's house to discuss the search for Seira. Nanami believes there may be a better way to handle this and asks Takumi how he feels about killing Seira. Takumi feels that this is a part of moving on from his hobbies and being a more respectable person, but Nanami never wanted him to abandon his hobbies (though she did have a problem when he started skipping school).

Nanami asks if Takumi will throw away his figures, and Takumi cannot bring himself to do so. As Nanami suspected, Takumi can't just leave Seira and his hobbies behind. Between the two of them and Erin, they realize that the source of the problem is between Takumi's desire to become a normie and his true nature as an otaku. Takumi never wanted Seira to die. Now that they've realized this, Seira appears before them. She explains that she's satisfied with this ending, that Takumi can have a 3-D lover so long as he never forgets his 2-D wife. Seira then informs Takumi that both Nanami and herself have to kiss Takumi on the cheek at the same time for him to escape, which they do.

Takumi wakes up on an abandoned rooftop, Nanami near him. Takumi promises never to let Nanami go and they share a kiss, their first in the real world.

One week later, Takumi and Nanami are standing in front of their parents house. Takumi's container house is unsalvageable due to earthquake damage, so Takumi has been sleeping in his school (since converted into an emergency shelter) while his parents sorted things out. Now that he is here, Takumi feels nervous. It's technically the first actual time he's set foor here before. But as long as Nanami's with him, he can bear anything. He opens the door....

Kozue's Route

Takumi meets with Kozue in the street, looking gloomy. Apparently, Sena ignored her today, even after she called with her mind. Takumi, who saw a sick-looking Sena earlier that day, assures Kozue that Sena was probably too ill to notice her and it wasn't deliberate. Kozue says she wants to thank him for everything he's done for her, and Takumi requests to use her lap as a pillow (reminding himself to keep tight control on his thoughts around Kozue). Afterwards, Kozue promises to call Sena and leaves, but not before saying how much she likes Takumi.

The next day, Takumi is thinking about whether he actually likes Kozue that way. She's cute, but she's dangerous when she's angry. Kozue promptly demonstrates this when she overhears two delusionary classmates badmouthing Takumi and proceeds to real-boot her Di-Sword and try to murder them, only being stopped when Takumi grabs her and drags her away.

After a few more demonstrations of Kozue's bloodlust (chasing a crow down half a street after it steals a bit of Takumi's food, and smashing his computer after Erin proves uncooperative), Takumi meets with Sena to talk about Kozue's behaviour. Sena say's that Kozue has always been like this, it's just become more noticeable since she's been able to talk again. Essentially, in order to keep her heart from breaking more than it already has, she attaches herself to her favorite person (which is now Takumi) and bases her actions on what she thinks that person would appreciate. In other words, all Takumi has to do is make Kozue understand that he doesn't approve of her violence, and she should stop.

At his house, Erin pops up on the monitor (since this is a delusionary world, property damage isn't permanent) to talk about how this might be Takumi's delusions etc.

After the confrontation with Seira (Kozue failed to do any damage to Seira, though she did leave a nice crater) and subsequent confession, Kozue and Takumi meet up two days later and Kozue tells Takumi that, in his heart, he never wanted Seira dead. After some soul searching, Takumi realizes that she's right. Seira appears, forgives Takumi for forgetting his 2-D wife, and after a kiss from both the loves of his life, Takumi wakes up in the real world.

One month later, classes have resumed (although there's still ongoing repairs being done at school). Takumi is approaching the school when he hears screaming. After running towards it, he confirms that it's Kozue chasing some people around with her Di-Sword. Apparently they were badmouthing Takumi about the Esper Boy Incident. Kozue thanks Takumi for stopping her, and they head to class together...

Yua/Mia Route

After meeting with Yua and searching for Seira together, they come across Takumi's favorite bench in the park and sit there to reminisce. Yua apologizes for when she accused Takumi of being the New Gen Killer and talks about her motivations for pursuing him. Takumi says that he really enjoyed the first few days he knew her (before he discovered her duplicity) and wants to try and go back to those days, and Yua enjoyed browsing anime merchandise with him. After a token protest that Takumi's trying to become a normie (which Yua jokingly calls him a traitor for), they decide to give it a shot.

After they return to Takumi's house, discuss it's fate in the real world and the ownership of Takumi's Seira figure (Takumi gave it to Yua under the premise that he was going to die, and kind of wants it back, which Yua agrees to), Yua suddenly reveals that, after the Third Melt, she regained her memories of being Mia. Both 'Yua' and 'Mia' exist within her and she would like Takumi to decide which should be dominant.

If Takumi chooses Yua, he does so because that is the only one he's ever known. If he chooses Mia, it's because he believes she should be her true self. Either way, the route is largely the same, save for Mia being more headstrong and assertive than Yua. I'll use Yua for the sake of simplicity.

Erin talks about whether it's just a delusion, Takumi and Yua confront Seira, they affirm their feeling for each other, and after they go back to Takumi's house they bothe realize that, as Seira's fans, they don't want to kill her. After a night of marathoning anime together, Takumi and Yua reach the conclusion that Takumi needs to accept Seira back into his heart. He does so, they kiss him, and Takumi wakes up on the bench in the park with Yua next to him.

Next spring, Yua/Mia (being a year older than Takumi) has graduated high school. Yua has graduated from Takumi's school, while Mia transferred back to her old one. Regardless, she's heading to college, and Takumi promises that he'll go to the same college when he graduates.

Sena Route

Takumi comes across Sena, who's delirious after catching a cold, and proceeds to carry her home to her surprisingly spacious and lavish apartment and cares for her until they both fall asleep. After they wake up, Takumi asks Sena why she lives in this apartment. Apparently, this is where she used to live with her mother and father and even after the Mana Experiment, her father never sold the apartment. So she simply lived in it.

After that, the conversation changes topics to what Sena plans to do in the future. Sena plans to continue her father's research. What he did can never be undone, and she will never fully forgive him for it, but that doesn't mean it should all be wasted. It wasn't the research that killed, it was the corrupt bastards in charge of that research that killed. Listening to her slowly cause Takumi to rethink his impression of her.

From there, the plot is as standard. Erin puts doubt in Takumi's mind, Takumi and Sena fight Seira, Takumi and Sena sort out their misunderstandings and confess their feelings. Sena brings Takumi to the realization that he doesn't want to stop being an otaku. He and Seira make up and kiss.

Waking up in the abandoned streetcar in the real world, Sena and Takumi discuss the future. Sena plans to continue her father's research, and aattempt to oppose the Committee of 300 and stop them from creating and exploiting more Gigalomaniacs. Takumi promises to follow and support her.

One year later, after Sena had to repeat a year because of all the classes she skipped, both Takumi and Sena have been accepted into Victor Chondria, a prestigious American university. They've already packed their bags, and will soon be boarding a plane after a brief stop by the graves of Sena's family. Sena runs off ahead and tells Takumi to pick up the pace...

It should be noted that, judging by information in later titles, Sena still goes to Victor Chondria and conducts Gigalomaniac research there regardless of the route.

Ayase Route

After having a little soccer match against Takumi, Ayase confesses her feelings for him, saying that she feels she can no longer live without him in her life. The next day, Takumi meets Ayase on the school roof and talk about this and that. Apparently, after Noah II was destroyed, Ayase was cured of her 'red-sky' delusion (and she's enjoying the new blue very much). However, since the prophecy of Gladioul was seen to its completion, she feels she no longer has a reason to sing.

Erin pops up, puts doubt in Takumi's mind, Seira appears and is attacked by Takumi and Ayase but escapes.

The next day, Ayase and Takumi are trying to figure out their next move, when Takumi asks why Ayase stopped singing. She says that she no longer has the duty of doing so, and that spurs Takumi to an epiphany. He does not want to kill Seira and leave behind his Otaku-ness, and by the same token he doesn't want Ayase to deny her singing and kill off FES.

Suddenly, the song that played when Takumi first saw FES at the concert starts playing from Takumi's computer. Takumi asks if Ayase remembers how it felt to sing. Ayase realises that she loved singing and feels sorrow at the thought of not singing, and Takumi tells her that that love is enough of a reason to continue singing.

Ayase proceeds to spend the next few days at Takumi's house working on a new song, though she refuses to let him see it until its live debut. After she finishes writing her song, she proceeds to gather together the members of Phantasm, planning to use the song to draw out Seira.

At last, the day of the concert arrives. Ayase dedicates her new song to Takumi, while Takumi proclaims his love for her and her music. As Ayase sings, Seira gently floats down from the sky and, when the concert is done, embraces Ayase. Later, Takumi meets up with the two of them, promising Seira to remain an otaku, while Ayase promises Takumi that she'll keep singing.

They kiss and wake up in the real world. Unfortunately, the place they've awakened is buried under rubble. Ayase proceeds to start singing until someone finds them, while Takumi makes himself comfortable for what will probably be a long wait.

The next summer. Shibuya is still rebuilding. Public transportation is limited, so walking down the streets in the heat is a bother, but Takumi doesn't mind. He and Ayase are living together, have a very lovey-dovey relationship and Phantasm just had their first big break when they were commisioned to sing the Opening Song for the new hit anime 'Rai-Net Access Battlers'. Life is good.

It should be noted that, judging by information in later titles, Ayase still reforms Phantasm and resumes her singing career no matter the route.

Rimi Route

After heading to the bathroom, Takumi returns back to his house to find Rimi sleeping on the floor. After waking her up, he asks why she didn't just use the nearby bed, but apparently she can't do it. After waking up early everyday to visit Shogun, and trying to keep a low profile, she can't sleep on a bed. They talk a bit, kiss each other and fall asleep in each other's arms.

The next day, Takumi is inwardly celebrating this when Erin pops up to shatter Takumi's self-confidence, pointing out that Takumi may be controlling Rimi and that, if anything, Rimi probably loved Shogun (with Takumi being a convenient replacement).

After Rimi tries to decieve Takumi about the situation he's in, these doubts boil over into an argument. Rimi tells Takumi that she regarded Shogun more like a father figure than anything else, and Takumi and Rimi kiss each other repeatedly.

After the confrontation with Seira, Rimi reveals that Takumi doesn't have much time left. Takumi thinks about what to do and comes to a realization about his relationship with Seira. Rimi and Takumi meet Seira at the school, make up and kiss.

Takumi and Rimi wake up in a ruined classroom. They restate their love for each other and Takumi states his intention to marry Rimi so they'll always be together.

Some time later, Rimi and Takumi are paying their respects at Shogun's grave. In the end, only Rimi, Takumi and Nanami know he ever existed. They ask Shogun to watch over them and such. As they head back home, through the rebuilding Shibuya, Takumi asks if they could stop by an anime shop on the way back. When Rimi asks who is more important to Takumi, Takumi replies without a moment's thought "Seira". Rimi grumbles a bit and they set off to the nearest shop.

And with that, we have reached the end of Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu, and thus the end of this thread. I thank all of you for sticking around and giving this little known origin of a rather well-known series a look.

This project of mine started as an attempt to shine a little more of a spotlight on an oft-neglected title, and so that when Robotics;Notes is released in a couple of weeks (by the reckoning of the 29/09/2020), new fans and returning fans who started with Steins;Gate or Chaos;Child would not be overly confused by the references it makes to this game.
I hope that I have succeeded, however slightly, in this goal.
I hope that those of you that have played Chaos;Child before, might go through it again and see if having read this changes the experience.
I hope that those of you who enjoyed this LP, or who are willing to give the full version of the game (rather than the Early Access version that this game basically is), will try out Chaos;Head NoAH when the Committee of Zero release their fan patch (sometime next year? Maybe? They seem to be doing good work lately).

Most of all, I hope you have a pleasant time in whatever time you have left before the Committee of 300 complete the Human Domestication Project in this twisted year.

You're all so Super Special, thanks for being here with me!