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Part 17: Making An Appointment

Part 17 - Making An Appointment

It was enough to make me think that time had stopped.

Worse, the air was stagnant, as befitted the stench of disinfectants, and everyone had dark looks on their faces.

Try to spend five minutes in a place like this, and you'd get depressed enough you want to die.

I don't like hospitals.

Although there tend to be lots of people in the lobby itself.

It was almost as though the scent of death lurked in those hallways. I thought this itself was the hospital's true face, and that things far more horrifying and eerie were hidden at the ends of the corridors.

Even after I entered ESO, the words Yua had left with me spun around and around in my head, making it impossible for me to concentrate.

As a result, I worried about this and that all the way until the morning, and became seriously scared that something about me might be abnormal.

I was used to coming to the hospital's psych ward. Although I'd unthinkingly nodded when the young lady at the desk asked me if it were my first time being examined here.

Ever since the aforementioned bus accident, my mother had brought me here at regular intervals.

When I entered middle school, the doctor responsible for me diagnosed me as completely cured, and because I stopped going here, it had been about four years since my last visit.

Despite being called a pupil, he wasn't particularly young; if anything, he looked older than he should have been.

Last night, I had suddenly recalled that doctor's--Doctor Takashina's--words.

I hated the hospital, but he was very kind to me; I had the impression that he was a good person.

Even then, I had utterly succeeded in deceiving all the adults around me to the very end. Dr. Takashina was the one who saw through me and declared me fully healed.

If I'd remembered how short this section was going to be, I'd have put it into the last update. Ah well, nothing for it now.

There is no more nuance to be learned. You know everything there is to know about Triggers.

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