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Part 22: Black Mass

Part 22 - Black Mass


The following update contains content that is Not Safe For Work. All NSFW images will be behind links, but I can't do much for the words.

Delusion Start

OST: Mysterious

The other Phantasm members resumed playing.

But FES didn't sing. Swaying as she wandered through the audience, she langorously stripped off her top, exposing her sexy shoulders.

Her quiet fans became agitated with excitement again. All of them raised their fists and started jumping wildly. They made the floor shake as if an earthquake were taking place.

Yet no one attempted to touch FES. As though they were displaying their awe of a sacred being. Under ordinary circumstances, if a star as compellingly charismatic as her went down among her fans, you'd expect them to mob her.

As part of an unspoken agreement, a single rule, and of their own accord, the Phantasm fanboys forbade themselves to make contact with FES's body.

Even so,

They felt her existence come very near to them.
They tasted the scent of her sweat.
They touched the same air as her.

Those things granted her believers the highest possible joy.

Perhaps she put on this kind of performance every time--or so I thought, but I doubted my eyes when I caught sight of FES's next move.

She had casually started undoing the belt at her waist. When she tossed it away, her fanboys reached out all at once, each fighting to make it theirs.

Casting a sidelong glance at them, FES--

OST: Silence

Unfastened her miniskirt.

It fell to her ankles with a rustle.

Her suggestive black underwear came into view.

FES seemed completely unbothered by the fact that her cultists were seeing her in a state of indecency.

Had she gotten high on the ambience, or was it another type of performance, or else.... pure exhibitionism? I didn't know, but everything about her was such a turn-on that my eyes became glued to her.

FES looked at me again. She smiled enticingly.

FES Fan A: "H, hey, she's coming this way...."

Her gaze unmoving, FES looked only at me. She approached gradually, as though she had fixed her aim on me.

And having come right up to me--


Her sweet sigh grazed my face, And in much the same way as a lover would,


Her skin was damp with sweat. Her scent and her warmth were so alluring, I almost had vertigo.

Her chest rose and fell rapidly, pressed tight against my body. It was said that singing could be exhausting, but right now her panting passed from her skin to mine, being transmitted to me directly.

Her arms clenched tighter around my back.
Her nails ate into the nape of my neck.
Her thighs became entangled with my legs.

I trembled all over, as if electricity had run through me. I could neither push her away nor return her embrace. All I could do was stand stock-still, eyes wide.

Shouts of FES's name reverberated back and forth in the small club. Voices crying "Do it! Do it!" began to appear in the mix more and more often.

What did they mean when they said to do it? I was completely at a loss. FES, still holding me, said nothing.

Seeking help, I looked for Misumi-kun.

And was startled to find him sharing a deep kiss with a female spectator I'd never seen before.

No.... Misumi-kun wasn't the only one. The other cultists, male and female alike, were throwing away their clothes and embracing each other nude and kissing. Some had already begun to take things to their natural conclusion.

Pandemonium, debauchery. Sultry voices and cheering, the lewd sound of flesh rubbing up against flesh. Borne up by Phantasm's music, these were what took over the venue.

--A Black Mass.

And.... Today, I was the demon's living sacrifice. FES had chosen me as her partner.

This was what it meant to go to one of Phantasm's shows....

I, too, was getting swallowed up by the atmosphere. I felt my head start to go foggy.

Anticipation for and dread toward what would happen from here on out.

The sense of superiority and the rapture that came from having been chosen by FES. It felt like I was about to go crazy.

FES laughed again, close to my ear.

I heard her clearly despite the fact that we were being swamped in the midst of so many overflowing sounds.

She had such a sexy voice. Merely hearing it, I thought I might faint.

But FES tempted me further toward the abyss of pleasure.

She softly bit down on my earlobe, Blew her breath into my ear, And


Delusion End

Absorbed in my fantasies, I sat in front of my PC.

The show I'd gone to today had turned out to be nicely stimulating. As far as 3-D girls went, FES was pretty hot.

But it had been way too packed with people for me to want to go back.

In the end, I'd quickly gotten sick from being in the crowd, and I'd gone flying out of the club.

Today's fantasy was top-notch. Who knew, maybe FES and Phantasm really did do that sort of thing.

They just hadn't been in the mood for it today.

Okay then, time to get back to ESO or whatever.

OST: Adventure

As long as I immersed myself in ESO, I could forget about all the bad stuff. I ceased being myself and ran about in Baselard as Neidhardt.

But Neidhardt wasn't doing too well today. Of course, I knew it was due to how I used the keyboard and made decisions for him.

But I had trouble accomplishing things I normally performed with ease, and though playing was supposed to comfort me, I got more and more irritated as I continued.

"What's with you!?"

"I'm so getting rid of you!"

I knew it was my fault, but I took it out on Neidhardt.

"Ah--Jeez--! It pisses me off!"

I'd always fought enemies while watching Neidhardt's back like this. Naturally, he had the maximum possible number of experience points.

"How many experience points do I have...."

Had the human being named Nishijou Takumi matured at all since he first began playing ESO--no, rather, since the time he was born?

If I'd grown up, why was I so bad at talking to people? Why was I carrying on the lifestyle of a borderline hikikomori?

If I didn't log in for several weeks, Would Neidhardt become a hikikomori as well?

I started to become a little curious about what Neidhardt got up to when I wasn't controlling him.

I continued to survey him for some time, keeping my hands away from the keyboard and munching on my potato chips.

"If Neidhardt were self-aware...."

Surely he would go striding through Shangrim City, shoulders squared. He was the hero everyone worshipped.

Another choice to be made.

Positive, Negative or Neutral?