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Part 54: Quest Failed

Part 54 - Quest Failed

"Whatever the case, she's that insolent Nanamicchi."
"Even if you try your hardest to save her here, d'you think she'll be grateful?"

I took a sharp breath as Seira's words cut to the core of the matter.

True enough, regardless of whether I bet my life to help her, Nanami would definitely say:

Forget thanking me; on the contrary, she'd excoriate me.

I'd be compelled to live out my life with even my family despising me.

Whatever else there was to say about it, Nanami was ultimately my 3-D little sister.

I didn't moe over her, and she didn't have the lovely soul of a 2-D character.

She was always looking down at me and secretly.... no, blatantly making a fool out of me.

It wasn't any of my business what happened to such an impertinent sister....

Seira-tan was one thing, but it wasn't worthwhile to gamble my life on a shitty little sister like her.

"Takkii, how about just thinking of yourself?"
"I don't want you to die, Takkii."
"I want to keep talking with you like this inside your head, just the two of us, forever."

Me too.... I'm never as calm as when I'm talking to Seira-tan. I don't give a crap about Nanami....

"I don't want to suffer...."
"I don't want to die...."
"I don't want to disappear...."
"It won't bother or hurt me.... no matter what happens to Nanami...."

I muttered as though to persuade myself.

"That sword.... it looks like a sword, but it isn't one. It's just the way the light reflects off it, or a trick of the eyes...."
"Exactly. Shall we go home?"
"Cause once we go home, it's okay if you look at my panties and jerk off to your heart's content."
".........Yeah. I'm going back."
"I'm gonna go home.... and fap to you, Seira-tan...."
"Oh, yay."
"I'll strike lots of ecchi poses for you, Takkii."

OST: Pity

I took Seira-tan out of my breast pocket and contemplated her smile. As long as I had Seira-tan's forgiveness, I didn't need anything else....

I sniffled up the stuff running from my nose. I veered around and walked up to "Shogun."

"Who gave you permission to move?"
"You haven't cleared the quest yet, have you?"

"Don't expect anything of me..."
"Don't look at me...."
"Leave me be...."
"Then I'm going to kill Nanami-chan."
[sniffles and sobs]

She was already dead....

"Shogun" had brutally murdered her.

Tomorrow they'd report about it all over the place, as the sixth New-Gen case.

It saddened me, but I couldn't do anything about it....


SFX: A sound like a leaky pipe dripping water into a puddle is present. Drip, drip, drip....

The sound of water dripping. It wasn't a rivulet of water.

Nanami's blood.

Pure red blood trickling from the stump of her wrist.

I screamed at the top of my lungs--

I charged blindly at "Shogun." I grabbed at him, sitting still in the shadows.


SFX: A crash rings out as Takumi and the wheelchair tumble along the floor.

I must've hit my knee. Pain shot through it.

A head had tumbled down by my feet.

"This is...."

A pitch-black helmet....