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Part 85: Desire Blue Sky

Part 85 - Desire Blue Sky

Last time, everyone was close to getting the True End (also known as the AA End or 'Blue Sky'), only to be undone by a single question:

The right answer to this question is Yes. Takumi is a delusionary existence, as in something that was created from a delusion. That being said, let's continue.

There isn't much difference between the A End or AA End, indeed, the only difference is that one stops halfway through and the other doesn't. So, let's just skip ahead to the point they diverge:

The great sword she carries is tearing through the skin of my chest, boring into my flesh, threading between my bones, and steadily sinking its way into my body.

Yet, numbed by the anesthesia of her kiss, I no longer feel any pain.

Removing her lips from mine, Rimi spoke painfully.

"I can't kill you after all, Taku...."

"But if you don't erase me...."
"The real me will...."

He would die. I was the one who should die.

And thus we needed to prolong his life, even if only by a little.

That ought to have been Rimi's goal as well.

"Erase me."
"You have to.... erase me...."
"I can't...."

Rimi gave a small shake of her head. She watched me with wavering eyes.

"I love.... your weakness."
"Even though you're weak, even though you're a coward...."
"You went to tatters, coming to save the likes of me."
"I love.... that strength of yours."
"I want to share more time with you...."
"I don't want to lose you...."
"I want you to live...."

You'll look at me....?

"I'm a monster...."
"So am I...."

Is it okay for me to live....?

"If you choose to do so"
"There's nothing wrong with living."

I heard a voice from the sky.

"Takumi.... has died, hasn't he...."

Rimi was quick to pick up on the emotion that had emerged in my expression.

After some brief hesitation, I nodded a tiny bit.

SFX: Rimi starts sobbing.

Don't cry. I don't want you to cry.

Feeling returned to my body.

Warmth returned to me.

I was still clumsy.

I was still trembling.

The tears running down your cheeks.

Those drops, so lovely and so clear.

I wiped them softly with the memory you gave me.

OST: Desire Blue Sky

Rimi held onto my hand for dear life.

As though to ascertain that we were here.

Our warmth was contagious. Our separate temperatures melted together.


"Taku.... those words...."

Words only he and Rimi knew. The words with which he had given Rimi hope.

But I knew them, too. Because I'd seen all his memories.

He and I shared the same soul, the same heart. Our memories belonged to the both of us.

I had inherited the memories of his seventeen years of life until now.

And he had vicariously experienced the memories of my year and a half of life until now.

It was clearing up. It was coming back.

Seeming as though it would draw us in endlessly. Covering this world so gently.

Video: Blue Sky Credits

And now we reach the AA Ending, or 'Blue Sky'. Takumi is alive, and he has successfully foiled Norose's plan to institute world peace (through mass mind control). Nanami has her hand back. After everything they've suffered, the main characters now have the opportunity to try and heal from their traumas.

Not all is well, of course. Takumi may have dealt with Noah II, and ended the threat posed by the traitorous members of the Committee of 300 (now, for the time being, the Committee of 298) and their doubly traitorous pawn. But the true Committee is still out there, making plans to enact the Human Domestication Project.

On a more personal note, Shogun, the original Nishijou Takumi, is dead. Ban is dead. Nearly 4,000 people died as a result of the Third Melt, with a further 30,000 injured. The scars left, both by the Third Melt and the New-Gen Madness, will linger in Shibuya for years to come.

On to other business. There is a third ending to Chaos;Head. Ending B. This ending is initially locked and can only be unlocked by reaching either Ending A or AA. You then need to start a new game (no reloading to the beginning!). Even then, you need to make certain choices at specific Delusion Triggers to unlock the ending. Many of which were missed by the thread anyway.

The end result is, I need to start this from the beginning (or near enough as makes no difference). So I figured I'd put this up to a vote:

Would you all prefer me to make quick summaries of the delusions we didn't see over the course of this thread, or just 'skip ahead' to the required delusions and Ending B itself?

Similarly, would you prefer me to summarize the NoAH routes before moving on to Ending B, or save all of it for afterwards?

Please bold your answers. Have a good day.