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Part 87: Yua Route Summary

Part 87 - Yua Route Summary

First, feel free to watch one of the openings from Chaos;Head NoAH, because why not:
Video: Chaos;Head NoAH Opening - Fake Me

In Chaos;Head NoAH, the first time you play the game is predetermined. You follow a single Common Route encompassing most of what's been covered in the thread, until you reach Ending A 'Silent Sky'. Afterwards, all the character-specific routes, as well as Ending B, unlock and you have to see them all in order to unlock the True Ending 'Blue Sky'.

The first route you have the opportunity to see is Yua's Route. On the first Delusion Trigger of the game, choose neutral so that Takumi notices the writing on the blackboard. In NoAH, you then have to answer a series of questions similar to the ones I ran polls for. In this instance, to access Yua's Route you have to answer these questions so that Takumi believes that the writing on the blackboard was written as a direct threat to him, and that the best thing to do is to wipe off the black board (as opposed to ignoring it).

We then get an 'intermission' from Yua's perspective, which reveals that she wrote 'whose eyes are those eyes?' on the blackboard to see if Takumi was the New-Gen killer.

She had formed this hypothesis when she decided to read her sister Mia's diary, to try and figure out any reason for why she was part of the group diving. Towards the end, she came across a part of Mia's diary that had nothing but the words 'whose eyes are those eyes?', repeated over and over again:

Yua searched the phrase on the internet, to see if there was any meaning to it, and the only useful result was an essay entered into a contest, an essay titled 'Whose eyes are those eyes' and penned by Nishijou Takumi. Realizing that Takumi is a student at her school, and with no other leads, Yua decided to sneak into Takumi's homeroom, write the phrase on the blackboard and wait to see how Takumi would react.

When Takumi responds by erasing the message, Yua is certain that Takumi is the killer.

From there, the plot is the same until Chapter 8 'Ir2', when Ban and Momose meet with Yua. After Yua explains her story, and Ban explains how the police don't consider Takumi a suspect, Yua heads home.

Along the way, she meets Suwa. Suwa informs Yua that the police don't have any real leads and, ever so innocently, informs her that there was a Darth Spider helmet found on Cornelius Tower, the scene of the group diving. You really wouldn't expect a vicious murderer and a weirdo like that Esper Boy, who was also found with a Darth Spider helmet on the O-Front roof, to share an interest like Spark Wars (though Suwa, of course, can't begrudge their taste). Yua makes the connection in her head and races to Takumi's house, more certain than ever that he's the killer. Suwa watches her run off with a smirk on his face and a giggle on his lips.

Takumi, who's just finished learning about the DQN puzzle, hears a knock at the door and, thinking it's Rimi here to comfort and protect him, opens the door only to have a hand shoved in his face and get pushed down to the floor:

Yua's come to 'make Shogun come out', and she's prepared to hold Takumi prisoner for as long as it takes to get the 'Shogun personality' to arise. She refuses to listen to Takumi when he says Shogun is a separate individual. Even after Takumi bites her hand hard enough to draw blood, she doesn't let him free, only loosening her grip long enough to tie his hand and leg to the bed. Yua then locks the door, trapping Takumi with her.

Meanwhile, Ban has been reviewing the Group Diving case after talking with Yua, and there's one niggling detail that's annoying him. According to forensics, among Kusonoki Mia's personal effects were a pair of prescription glasses. But according to medical records, Mia had no need for prescription glasses or any other visual aids. In addition, he's been asking questions at the locations Mia was last seen before her death, but the only thing anyone could tell him beyond "I don't remember' was a fast food employee recalling that Yua and Mia were in the washroom at his restaurant for some time before going their separate ways.

Back to Takumi. He and Yua have essentially been in a staring contest for eighteen hours. The only break is when she fed him some pasta she picked up on the way to his house. Eventually, Both Yua and Takumi have no choice but to fall asleep from exhaustion.

When Takumi wakes up, he finds that Yua woke up first and tied him down even more thoroughly. He has no chance of escape. After spending some time worrying that the absent Yua has left him to die, Yua returns, having simply gone to school, as well as a trip home to pick up a few things. Since waiting him out didn't work, Yua has decided to go on the offense and attempts to use Mia's diary to try and 'force' Shogun out. Takumi, however, notices a stark contradiction. That's not Mia's diary:

However, even after pointing this out, Yua doesn't believe Takumi. She seems incapable of seeing that 'Yua' is the name on the diary. In an attempt to get her to let him go, Takumi says that if he can't prove to Yua that he doesn't have a split personality, she can't prove she doesn't have one either. Can she even prove that Mia existed, or that she isn't Mia?

Yua quickly comes up with proof: Mia had a birthmark on her left breast, while Yua doesn't. She takes off her shirt to show Takumi. However, Takumi does in fact see a birthmark on Yua's left breast. At this point, Takumi is now convinced that Yua has been suffering the same symptoms she's been accusing him of, and demands more proof. In response, Yua shows him a photo on her cell phone:

Takumi, unable to find any sign of editing, is forced to admit that the twin did exist. But when he asks Yua to point out which one she is, she keeps pointing at the one without glasses. But before the line of questioning can continue, the Third Melt hits Shibuya.

A flashback ensues, where we see what happened in the hours before the Group Diving. Mia and Yua are talking together at a fast food restaurant. Mia wants to ask Yua for a favour. Mia was on her way to an offline meetup with some people she talked to on an online anime fansite, but she's getting cold feet, worrying about making a good first impression and what they'll be like in person. She wants to ask Yua to go in her stead. Yua, eager to help her sister, agrees. They change clothes in the washroom and note how identical they look. The only difference is Yua's glasses, though Mia makes her promise to take them off before meeting her friends to avoid embarassing Mia.

Yua heads to the offline meet. Mia heads home. The next morning, the Group Dive is all over the news.

Back in the present Takumi wakes up after the Third Melt. Yua, or rather, Mia tells him that she remembers everything. How she started acting like Yua, posing as her, how it went so far that she started thinking she was Yua. How Mia's parents went along with it, maybe out of pity, maybe because they also wanted to pretend that Mia, the unfavorite, was the one who died.

Mia cuts Takumi's bindings, as she no longer cares about Shogun. She was the one who sent Yua to her death, after all. She only makes Takumi promise one thing: to take her to Cornelius Tower. To the scene of the Group Diving.

Making their way through Shibuya, to the intact but abandoned Cornelius Tower, they head to the roof. There, Mia reveals that she's come there to atone the only way she can think of: by leaping off the edge and suffering the same pain her sister did. She asks if Takumi wants to join her. This scene is from Mia's perspective, so we don't know what Takumi is thinking, but he refuses on the grounds that their relationship isn't that good. Mia accepts that, tells him that she did actually buy the figurine he recommended, and goes off the edge.

As is often the case with these things, the moment of doubt and regret is the moment after one is irrevocably committed. Mia feels the same fear Yua did. Feels the same regrets. Feels the moment of impact. Realises that she doesn't want to die.

She suddenly finds herself on the roof again. Not knowing how she fell off the roof and got back up again, Takumi explains it as a delusion. After having gone through it once, Mia is too scared to try again, but she doesn't know what to do with her life. Takumi tells Mia that, now that she's experienced Yua's death, she no longer owes anything else. She's free to live her life, to live for herself and for Yua. Mia thanks him for his words and cries for Yua.