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Part 88: Nanami Route Summary

Part 88 - Nanami Route Summary

First, feel free to watch one of the openings from Chaos;Head NoAH, because why not:
Video: Chaos;Head NoAH Opening - Chaos Logic

The second route is Nanami's route. In order to unlock it, you must pick the Positive Delusion in the second Delusion Trigger.

Unlike with Yua's route, nothing changes initially. The plot remains the same, until Takumi receives a Gift just before the Nanami-chan Rescue Quest.

As before, he hears Nanami's phone in the box and prepares to open it. However, the contents are different:

After seeing this, Takumi runs straight outside, worried for Nanami. It's only after realizing that he forgot to bring Seira to keep him calm that he reluctantly heads back, only to find something peculiar outside his house: Nanami, on the ground, alive and conscious, and also naked.

After battling his own embarrassment at seeing Nanami, he hurriedly brings her back inside, gives the freezing Nanami some clothes to wear and something warm to drink and asks her what happened, but she can't remember. With neither having any idea what's going on, and Takumi's fear that Shogun may attack again, Takumi agrees to let Nanami stay at his house for the time being.

In the middle of the night, Takumi wakes up, with Nanami nowhere to be seen. Before he can get up to look for her, he gets a phonecall. It's the same call from Part 68, the one where Nanami asks Takumi to give back her hand. Given that Takumi just saw Nanami, and she had her hands, he decides this was a cruel prank by Nanami and goes back to sleep.

The next morning, Takumi asks Nanami about the prank, but she doesn't know anything about it. He also notices she has a bandage on her right hand, but after she takes it off, there is no wound. Apparently she just put it on since her hand was aching a bit that morning.

Nanami heads out to buy a new school uniform since she can't remember where her things are. Takumi remains in the container. While he's waiting for Nanami to return, he gets another prank call and learns of a New-Gen murder: the victim was a male college student, who choked to death after having pieces of cloth stuffed down his throat, cloth from a Suimei Academy uniform.

Eventually, Nanami returns and Takumi comes clean to her about everything. Shogun, New-Gen, Di-Swords, everything. Nanami stays at Takumi's house again, and as Takumi watches her sleeping face, he realizes that he never needed Rimi, or ESO or Seira. What he needed this whole time, what is most important in his life, is his family, his sister.

Takumi wakes up later that night, with Nanami nowhere to be seen again. Worried, he takes his phone out to call her, and notices a discrepancy. According to his phone, it isn't the middle of the night, but eight in the evening. Not only is the clock wrong, but the date is a week later than it should be. He turns on his PC to confirm the date, and the date is the same as his phone: one week later.

Takumi checks the news, and uncovers a number of news stories. From articles about an Esper Boy who never showed up to the O-Front, to a string of New-Gen murders (all of them the same as those from the Common Route, including the DQN Puzzle), with the one Takumi remembers (the man choked with cloth) being non-existent. He also has 50 emails from Shogun, all of them castigating him for not showing up at O-Front and threatening to kill Nanami.

Takumi hears a knock at the door, and hears Nanami's voice. When he opens it, Nanami is there. Covered in blood. Missing a hand. Holding a Di-Sword in the other hand. Suddenly, the Nanami who has two hands (the one he's spent the last two days/week with) appears behind him and accuses the Nanami missing her hand of being an imposter. As the argument becomes increasingly heated, Rimi arrives, Di-Sword in hand, and demands Takumi stop his delusions or she'll kill him.

Takumi, confused and afraid, tries to hold the Nanami he knows (the one with two hands), only for him to pass through her. The only part of her body that's solid is her right hand. Rimi confirms the truth to Takumi: After opening the box and seeing Nanami's hand, he was so shocked that he created a scenario where there was no hand in the box. A scenario where Nanami appeared, alive and unharmed.

Takumi has been real-booting a delusion of Nanami this whole time, and the strain of it has kept him in a comatose state for most of the past week. Not only that, but it's killing Shogun, and Rimi is here to make Takumi end the delusion. Before she can do anything, the Third Melt hits Shibuya.

Takumi doesn't care about any of that, however. He no longer wants to care about New-Gen, or Shogun or the Third Melt. He just wants to live with Nanami in a peaceful world. Just as he thinks that, he wakes up in the morning. No one else is there. Just Takumi, and Nanami, in a peaceful world. In a delusion dreamed up by Takumi as he lies dying on the floor of his container house.