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Part 89: Chapter 2 Delusion Recap

Part 89 - Chapter 2 Delusion Recap

6th Delusion Trigger:

In the aftermath of Yua's accusations, Takumi has decided to meet with a psychiatrist who helped him when he was a child (Doctor Takashina), so as to prove to himself that he isn't a sleep walker or possessing multiple personalities. Takumi makes the necessary arrangments and starts to wait in the waiting room. The thread chose Neutral, in which Takumi waits three hours without incident.

In the Positive Delusion, Takumi has a delusion. When he meets Takashina, the doctor remembers Takumi and says it's good to meet him again, before amending his statement to not imply he wanted Takumi to need him again.

Takumi tells Takashina everything. After taking some time to think, Takashina informs Takumi that it is his opinion that Takumi is sane. Indeed, Yua is the one who is mentally disturbed, and should be reported to the police. Furthermore, Takumi should tell the police everything he knows about the girl he saw at the Staking, as that is surely the key evidence the police need to solve the crime and make Takumi a hero to all of Shibuya. The delusion ends while Takumi is fantasizing about the accolades he'd earn.

In the Negative Delusion, Takumi meets Takashina and tells him everything. After listening to everything Takumi has to say, Dr. Takashina calmly and gently informs him that he has nothing to worry about from Yua and the Demon Girl. Indeed, Takashina can guarantee that they don't exist, because Takumi has been in a secure mental ward for the last seven years.

7th Delusion Trigger:

After meeting with Takashina, and agreeing to rest for a time so they observe whether he is a sleepwalker, Takumi has nothing to do than to sleep; perchance to dream? The thread chose Negative.

In the Negative Delusion, Takumi has a nightmare where the Demon Girl, seeking to silence Takumi and make her tenth kill special, storms Takashina's office, slaughtering Takashina, mutilating Hazuki's face and finally stabbing Takumi in the hear while he sleeps.

In the Positive Delusion, Takumi has a dream where Seira comes to his bedside. Takumi, delighted to discover that his waifu is real, plans to do plenty of ero things. However, before any of that happens, Seira wants to turn Takumi 2-D, like her:

Fortunately, Seira can very easily do that by locking lips with Takumi and sucking out all his organs:

Afterwards Takumi is conflicted on whether that was a good dream, and whether he should stop reading doujins by that doujin group:

In the Neutral Option, Takumi simply passes the time dreaming about Seira, which gets him teased a bit by GrimHazuki for talking in his sleep (Note: Hazuki has glasses because I answered Grims questions at the beginning in a different way, so Takumi likes girls with glasses):

8th Delusion Trigger:

After learning of a mysterious girl names FES, whose song lyrics apparently predicted the New-Gen Madness, Takumi has reluctantly gone to one of her bands live shows. After listening to her sing, things are winding down when FES looks directly at Takumi. The thread chose Positive.

In the Positive Delusion, FES starts to take off her clothes and proceeds to take Takumi for herself as everyone else succumbs to their base desires in a Satanic Orgy. FES whispers in his ear "Whose eyes are those eyes?" Takumi wakes up in his house, where he reflects that FES was hot, but the atmosphere of the concert was too much for him. This is the second Ending B Trigger.

In the Negative Delusion, Takumi has a delusion where FES and himself are on the school roof. After FES tries to communicate with him twice, with Takumi unable to hear her, FES leans back and falls off the roof. After the delusion ends, Takumi reflects that FES has the sort of melancholic, destructive beauty that leads to that sort of thought.

This is the unlock point for Ayase's Route.

In the Neutral Option, Takumi's nerves get the better of him and he flees the venue. Even as Misumi grumbles about missing out on the rest, Takumi is thinking about what he heard. He doesn't know whether FES is a friend or enemy, but he is certain that she is a prophet and that her songs are about New-Gen.

The 9th Delusion Trigger:

After getting home, Takumi is playing ESO and doing pretty bad. As he screams abuse at his character, Neidhardt, he considers the relationship between himself and his Player Character, and whether he too may be controlled by an outside source (who, in his opinion, is doing a pretty crappy job). Takumi ends up asking Neidhardt whether he's ever noticed Takumi's presence over his shoulder. The thread chose Negative.

In the Negative delusion, Neidhardt takes the opportunity to castigate Takumi, saying that he is ashamed to be associated with Takumi and that he inteds to cut ties and forge his own way. When Takumi threatens to cut the power, Shogun accepts his threat and, in turn, warns Takumi to fear the one over his doing the same thing.

In the Positive Delusion, Neidhardt makes the offer to bring Takumi over to his side of the screen, so that they can adventure side-by-side as equals. Their watchword would be "Whose eyes are those eyes?" Takumi refuses on the grounds that if he's ever going to a fictional world, it'll be an eroge, and turns off the power. This is the third Ending B trigger:

In the Neutral Option, Neidhardt turns around to look at Takumi....JK lol Takumi was just having fun. Nothing actually happened.