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Part 93: Chapter 4 Delusion Recap

Part 93 - Chapter 4 Delusion Recap

15th Delusion Trigger:

After having his first face-to-face meeting with Shogun, Rimi showed up to comfort Takumi, who was rapidly reaching his limit. Takumi is still very suspicious of Rimi, but he doesn't know what to make of her behavior and claimed history. At school the next day, she comes up to his desk after Misumi leaves to go flirt at Kozue. The thread chose Neutral, in which Takumi and Rimi have an awkward silence until Rimi breaks the silence by asking if he feels better.

In the Positive Delusion, Rimi warns Takumi about becoming like Misumi, is a little insulted by how Misumi has never complimented her (even if the idea of him actually hitting on her creeps Rimi out) and is touched when Takumi say's she's attractive.

In the Negative Delusion, Rimi takes Takumi's silence as proof he hates her, leaves crying, and Misumi returns to tell Takumi she had a crush on him, and he'll probably be a social hermit the rest of his life.

16th Delusion Trigger:

After searching for some Seira doujin, Takumi spots Sena and attempts to follow her without being seen. His efforts eventually lead him to a streetcar, where Sena is waiting for him and tells him to enter. The thread chose Neutral.

In the Neutral Option, Takumi is intimidated by Sena and tries to leave, only to be blocked by the door mysteriously closing behind him.

In the Negative Option, Takumi attempts to leave as soon as Sena indicates she noticed him, only to be accidentally pushed into the streetcar by passers-by.

In the Positive Option, Takumi rationalizes that Sena is less likely to hurt him if he complies, so he enters the streetcar straightaway.

17th Delusion Trigger:

After the discussion with Sena, where she mentioned topics like Visual Rebuilding and the possibility of mental control, Takumi does research on these things. He finds that the records available hew uncomfortably close to what Sena said was possible, and is consumed in thought about the implications, when Yua barges in on him in the Net Cafe, grabs a hold of him and orders him not to make a sound. The thread chose Positive.

In the Positive Delusion, Yua confesses her feelings for Takumi, but Takumi refuses to return them and threatens to report her to the police. Heartbroken by his dislike of her, Yua leaves promising not to bother Takumi again.

In the Negative Option, Takumi attempts to yell for help, only for Yua to put her hand over his mouth in a painful manner and ask why he didn't do as she asked.

In the Neutral Option, Yua talks about 'Whose eyes are those eyes?', how it was recently used in the Vampyre murder, how Shogun used it beforehand and how Takumi is Shogun.

18th Delusion Trigger:

After escaping from Yua's grasp, Takumi runs as far as he can. At Miyashita Park, he takes a break, but as he observes the suspicious behaviour of those around him, including a nearby police officer, his paranoia mounts. The thread chose Negative here.

In the Negative Option, Takumi opts to leave the park in as inconspicuous a manner as possible. As he crosses the bridge, he encounters an office lady speaking on the phone, though her words seem rehearsed. As he finishes crossing the bridge, Takumi turns to find two plain clothes detectives chasing him, with the office lady pointing him out.

In the Positive Option, Takumi disregards his feeling of danger. However, that feeling is revived after the police officer asks for his ID and, upon reviewing it, makes a signal to a nearby 'civilian'. When the detective and his partner prepare to make their move, Takumi makes a break for it.

In the Neutral Option, Takumi opts to try and act cool, even as the officer eyes him suspiciously. However, any hope Takumi had of riding this out fails when Yua arrives and ends up managing to point him out. Takumi has no choice but to flee, pursued by detectives.

19th Delusion Trigger:

After running out of breath during the chase, Takumi is rescued by FES/Ayase. Dragging him to a safe place, Takumi demands answers from Ayase. The thread chose Neutral here.

In the Neutral Delusion, after summoning her Di-Sword Ayase creates a delusion of herself in her school uniform, with her only explanation being "This is the delusion you wished for."

In the Positive/Negative Delusions, before asking questions Takumi is struck by Ayase's attractiveness and wonders how she would look in lingerie/a swimsuit. When Ayase makes her delusion copy, said copy is wearing lingerie/a swimsuit. "This is the delusion you wished for", indeed..... Every thing else is basically the same.