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Part 95: Kozue Route Summary

Part 95 - Kozue Route Summary

Almost forgot to add a video to this post. This is the OP for the anime (I may disagree with a lot of the anime, but the music is fine):
Chaos;Head Anime OP - F.D.D.

The Kozue route is unlocked at the 24th Delusion Trigger. If Positive is chosen, a series of questions concerning Takumi's first impressions of Kozue follow. Takmui must be convinced that Kozue is here to help him.

A scene from Kozue's perspective follows a short time after. Kozue is walking around Shibuya, but wherever she goes there just happen to be people talking about mirrors, there just happen to be mirrors pointed in her direction. At first Kozue is eager to dismiss these as coincidences, but then she notices that she's being followed by a white car. A passenger in that car is pointing a mirror directly at Kozue. Kozue runs, pursued by the white car. "It's happening again", she thinks.

The plot diverges after the DQN Puzzle Murder. Takumi has decided that Rimi is unreliable, and decides that Kozue is acceptable. He knows that there's something seriously wrong with how Kozue thinks, but he also thinks that she's dumb enough that he can manipulate her into being his protector. Takumi neglects to consider the difficulties of manipulating someone who can read your mind and see right through your efforts.

Fortunately, Kozue seems not to mind too much, saying that the only reason she can't help him is because Sena told her to stop trying to kill people. Kozue offers to hang out with Takumi for the day, and drags him to her favourite place in Shibuya, the staircase by the Roft store.

After chatting a bit, Kozue takes out a handful beaded bracelets and asks Takumi to pick one, saying she gives one to all her friends. Takumi is initially going to refuse, deeming the beads too girly, but he accepts after he realizes that he is Kozue's second friend. He sees himself in Kozue, thinking their only difference is that Kozue was so broken by her problems that she became capable of handling them herself, even if it's in an extreme fashion. Takumi is too weak for that, always relying on other people.

Eventually, both call it a day and go their separate ways. On the way back to his house, Takumi is plagued by the sound of a camera taking pictures of him. But when he turns around, there's no one with a camera. Eventually, the camera men become more and more blatant, to the point of openly taking pictures. Takumi flees to his house, pursued by the sound of cameras and the squeaking of a wheelchair.

Even after escaping home, Takumi can hear them outside, circling his house, taking pictures, laughing. After what seems like hours, the noises grow silent. Takumi gathers the courage to check outside. No one's there.

Takumi turns on his computer and checks one of his favourite sites, where his online friends post things. But his feed is dominated by a strange account spamming files with titles like "In front of the building", "In the elevator", "On the rooftop". He clicks the first one and sees a picture of his apartment building. Takumi desperately tries to convince himself this is a coincidence, clicking on the most recent one to be sure.

It's a picture of him, only a few minutes ago, looking outside his house to see if there was anyone there.

The next day, in school, Kozue is dragged by the girls in her class to the roof. There, they bully her for her silence, and because their leader, Misumi's girlfriend, is jealous of the attention Misumi is giving Kozue. This is nothing new to Kozue, and compared to what's happened before is endurable.

But then a strange noise fills the air (a NOAH Terminal), and all the girls reach into their pockets, take out mirrors and ask Kozue "Who are you?"

As those words endlessly repeat in Kozue's head, Kozue's awareness blurs. The only thing she remembers clearly is grasping her Di-Sword. And the screams.

As Takumi heads to school, he is plagued by the sound of cameras and wheelchairs. As the sounds become unbearable, Takumi starts to entertain thoughts of murder to get them to stop. He's even brought a knife for self defence, in case Shogun makes a direct attack. In the end, he decides to focus his efforts on convincing Kozue to help him. When he reaches his classroom, however, he realizes that not only is Kozue missing, so are all the girls in his class.

Confused, he wanders the school for a while searching for Kozue, finally finding her crouching by the emergency exit to the roof. Shaking, and covered in blood.

Takumi holds her to make sure she's okay. Kozue asks if Takumi is her friend or her enemy. Affirming that they're friends, and promising to help each other, Takumi finally realises that none of the blood coating Kozue is her own. A vision appears to Takumi. Screams, blood and limbs everywhere. Takumi races to the roof.

A sea of blood and unidentifiable lumps of meat lies there. As Takumi stares appalled at this display, Kozue walks up behind him and asks if Takumi is her friend.

Takumi screams and runs from Kozue. Just as he's considering that running from her might have been bad for his life expectancy, he trips and falls head first from the stairs. As he lies there, without any strength to get up from the floor, Rimi appears and picks him up, saying that she's going to bring him to the infirmary.

Takumi, however, starts to think the police might be outside and that having blood on him from when Kozue hugged him would be a bad look. When he turns to tell Rimi this, he sees her pointing her Di-Swords at his back.

Rimi apologizes and says Takumi has to be erased. All Takumi feels is betrayal. He was right all along, Rimi was working for Shogun. He charges toward Rimi and struggles with her, thinking to himself that Rimi deserves to die. Suddenly, their fight is interrupted when Kozue smashes Rimi aside, launching her into the lockers nearby. Rimi falls down, dead.

Outside, Suwa is having a good day. He set up a porter nearby to provoke this violence, in order to give him an opening to extract Takumi's CODE sample. The Third Melt is this evening, so everyone will be too busy dealing with that to investigate this incident.

Takumi, having seemingly been rescued from one bloodthirsty murderer by another, flees upstairs. Along the way, he encounters Misumi, alongside a delinquent. Misumi, who has just been to the roof and saw what's left of his girlfriend, is Not Happy. After seeing blood on Takumi's clothing, Misumi initially thinks Takumi killed her, but the delinquent convinces Misumi otherwise, believing Takumi too weak to kill anyone.

The delinquent then mentions that, during one of his girl pickups the other day, a man in a Darth Spider mask gave him a girl to 'play with'. A girl named Nishijou Nanami. He even has pictures. He shows those pictures to Takumi.

Takumi is Not Fine with this. Takumi has a knife. Takumi uses the knife. Repeatedly. Misumi is shocked and horrified by the violence Takumi is committing on the delinquent and begs him to stop. Kozue splits Misumi in half with her Di-Sword.

Kozue asks again if Takumi is her friend. Takumi affirms. It's them against the world.

Kozue and Takumi head outside, and in the courtyard they meet Sena. She tells them they were being tricked by a Porter and pleads for them to stop. Sena promises to stop the Porter, and reminds Kozue that it is dangerous to both the mind and body to use a Di-Sword too much. But it's already too late.

Kozue suddenly swings her Di-Sword at Sena. Or rather, her Di-Sword made her body attack Sena. Even as Kozue mentally apologizes and cries for help, her body attacks Sena. After a tough fight, Sena manages to use a delusion to get behind Kozue and get her in an arm lock.

At first, the fight seems resolved. But then, Kozue's Di-Sword makes her dislocate her own arm, putting it in a position to stab Sena in the back. Sena has enough time to apologize for not arriving to help earlier, and to tell Kozue that Sena valued their friendship. Then Sena dies.

Before Kozue can finish mourning, Suwa shows himself. He shoots Takumi and Kozue in the leg, then shoots Takumi a few more times to make sure he can't move while Suwa extracts the CODE sample. Before Suwa can finish the job, however, the Di-Sword musters enough strength out of Kozue's body to strike Suwa down.

Drained, wounded and bleeding out, neither Kozue nor Takumi will live long. They fall to the ground, grasp hands together, confess their mutual feelings and slowly pass away, as the sky above fades to white...