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Part 97: Chapter 7 Delusion Recap

Part 97 - Chapter 7 Delusion Recap

30th Delusion Trigger:

Waking up in the hospital post-rescue quest, with Hazuki as the attending nurse, Takumi has just finished being told how he got there from the roof of O-Front, but he's still wondering the why. After all, Hazuki works in the psychiatry department, meaning he must be there. Why would someone who fainted be placed there? The thread chose Positive here.

In the Positive Delusion, Takumi is informed that he has been in a coma for a month, meaning that everything from the Staking onward was just a dream he had. Takumi is relieved by this, until he realizes that this is the dream.

In the Negative Delusion, Takumi is informed that the police want to question him for the murder of Nanami. It seems that her body was found at Takumi's residence, and her hand was found in Takumi's coat pocket. Hazuki then shows him what she was writing in her notepad: 'Whoses eyes are those eyes?'. This is the 8th B Ending trigger.

31st Delusion Trigger:

Coming back to school after publicly making a fool of yourself on National TV is not going well for Takumi. The DQNs are all targeting him, Misumi is not willing to associate with Takumi anymore and Rimi is missing. The thread chose Negative here.

In the Negative Delusion, Takumi relieves his stress by imagining a scenario where he picks up a chair and repeatedly smashes it in the face of one of his tormentors.

In the Positive Delusion, Takumi relieves his stress by imagining a recreation of a scene from an eroge he once played, choosing Kozue as his target. Ear licking is involved.

In the Neutral Option, Takumi imagines a violent scenario, but we don't get to see it.

32nd Delusion Trigger:

After being mugged and beaten up, Takumi is rescued by someone who beat his attackers severely. Afterwards, he's standing around with the Transfer Student when he hears a voice in his head. The thread chose Positive here.

In the Positive Option, Takumi attempts to get the voice to prove it's the Transfer Student. The problem is, all the questions he asks are thing he can't verify. Kozue cuts the matter short by simply handing him her Student ID.

In the Negative Option, Takumi immediately assumes the voice he's hearing is another attack by Shogun, cowering in fear of his Orbital Death Satellite. Eventually, Kozue clears the matter up.

In the Neutral Option, Takumi concludes that he's developed split personalities due to the stress he's been undergoing. Indeed, maybe Yua was right. Maybe Takumi is not even the original personality... Kozue eventually gets him to realize she's a different person.

33rd Delusion Trigger:

After clearing up the confusion, Kozue and Takumi wander around Shibuya, 'talking' about Kozue's power. Eventually, the topic shifts to Di-Swords and Takumi asks how Kozue even knows about Di-Swords. In response, Kozue shows Takumi her Di-Sword. The thread chose Neutral here, in which nothing happens.

In the Positive Delusion, Kozue reveals that she's an android, created for the sole purpose of serving and protecting Takumi.

In the Negative Delusion, Kozue reveals that she's one of Shogun's henchmen, then bisects Takumi with her Di-Sword.

34th Delusion Trigger:

After continuing to walk and talk around Shibuya, Kozue and Takumi run into Sena, who's apparently friends with Kozue. The three of them get Crunchy-kuns to eat while they talk, and Takumi lands a winner on his first try. Sena is jealous of Takumi's luck, but Takumi is willing to offer his winning stick. The thread chose Neutral.

In the Neutral Option, Sena is eventually pressured by Kozue into accepting the stick, but not before being forced to recite some Authentic Shibuya Slang.

In the Positive Option, Sena simply accepts the stick, and then the conversation turns to other topics, including that Sena prefers Crunchy-kuns over other brands because she thinks the mascot is cute.

In the Negative Option, Sena chooses to eat her Crunchy-kun first, and she's beaten Takumi: Sena has the limited-edition Shibuya-exclusive 'Whose eyes are those eyes?' stick, worth more than a regular win. This is the 9th B Ending Trigger.