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Part 98: Chapter 8 Delusion Recap

Part 98 - Chapter 8 Delusion Recap

35th Delusion Trigger:

After finally catching sight of his sister for the first time since the Rescue Quest, and noticing that Nanami has a bandage on her right hand, Takumi is filled with doubt and self loathing over whether the wound is a coincidence or his fault. Even the return of Rimi does little to help Takumi's mood, with Takumi ultimately going on his computer when he gets back home, lacking the energy for social interaction with Rimi. The thread chose Positive here.

In the Positive Delusion, Rimi and Takumi actually end up opening up to each other, Takumi telling Rimi about the loneliness he's felt since she left, and Rimi talking about how she feels that this relationship is probably doomed, but she can't let go of it. Takumi realizes that this may not actually be a delusion.

In the Negative Delusion, Rimi tries to leave in a huff after Takumi ignores her, but Takumi stops her. She then demands to know who Takumi cares about more: Rimi or Nanami. She then puts a knife to her wrist to pressure Takumi. After Takumi says the wrong thing, Rimi reveals that she was the one who kidnapped Nanami before slitting her wrist.

In the Neutral Option, Rimi responds to Takumi ignoring her by taking the fake Di-Sword and playfully whacking him a few times. Rimi then asks if they could fill the time by playing videogames together, but unfortunately Takumi doesn't have the software for it (because the only things he plays are MMO's and eroges).

36th Delusion Trigger:

After Misumi gets the idea to visit Ayase in the hospital, dragging Takumi along because Ayase likes Takumi (and Rimi inviting herself), Misumi and Takumi have reached Ayase's room, but Ayase is nowhere to be seen. The thread chose Negative.

In the Negative Delusion, Takumi looks out the window and catches a glimpse of Ayase as she falls past, having htrown herself off the roof again. This time, Takumi doesn't have time to create a flowerbed.

In the Positive Delusion, Takumi and Misumi take the oppurtunity to rummage through Ayase's belongings (the latter more enthusiastically than the former). Takumi stumbles upon Ayase's laundry, which he explores until Misumi says something disturbing that causes Takumi to abort the delusion.

In the Neutral Option, Takumi is drawn to the window. After looking down from it, he sees a towel with some words on it waved out the floor below. The moment he can read what the words say, the towel is pulled back in.

37th Delusion Trigger:

After walking around the hosiptal, and watching Ayase slap Rimi, Misumi and Takumi have the chance to talk to Ayase. Ayase, however, makes it blatantly clear that she only wants to talk to Takumi, and her way of speaking is just too much for Misumi anyway. Misumi turns to leave. The thread chose Negative.

The Negative Delusion has Ayase demand Takumi kill Misumi, alleging that he's an agent of Gladioul and handing Takumi a knife. Takumi does not believe her, returning the knife. Misumi then takes the knife, kills Ayase and declares that the last obstacle for Gladioul's resurrection has been cleared. Misumi finishes by saying "Whose eyes are those eyes?". This is the tenth Ending B trigger.

The Positive Delusion has Ayse praise Takumi for saving her life, bidding him come close before sucking on his finger. The unexpectedly pleasurable sensation is cut short when Ayase bites down on Takumi's finger. Black blood surges forth from Takumi's finger as Ayase cheerfully declares this to be a sign that Takumi is a Black Knight.

In the Neutral Option, Ayase explains the relationship between acquiring a Di-Sword and suffering psychological torment, divulging a bit about her own past in the process. Ayase was a 'problem child' who often picked fights and smashed windows. She was sent to a psychiatric facility and stayed there for five years. It was a normal facility for most of her stay, but during the fourth year, all the staff were switched out and replaced. It then became constant psychological torture until Ayase acquired her Di-Sword. Takumi is not pleased about hearing that getting a Di-Sword means more suffering than he has already endured.

38th Delusion Trigger:

After leaving Ayase, Takumi and Misumi fianlly catch up with Rimi. Misumi asks Rimi why Ayase slapped her. The thread chose Neutral.

In the Neutral Option, Rimi tells Misumi she asked to see Ayase's sword, the one Takumi told her about.

In the Positive Delusion, Rimi admits that she was asking Ayase what her intentions were for Takumi and that she didn't intend to let her have Takumi. Takumi, befuddled by the turn the conversation is taking, finds himself in a romantic hug with Rimi before he even realizes. He then notices Ayase glaring over Rimi's shoulder, Di-Sword in hand. The delusion ends there.

In the Negative Delusion, Rimi explains that she was confronting Ayase about her unauthorized trips out of the hospital. It seems Ayase was never discharged, and every time she attended school or hosted a concert was an escape. She also appears to be the New-Gen Murderer. Ayase then appears and loudly declares her sanity, a claim undermined by her yelling about the Great Will and charging at Takumi with her Di-Sword. Takumi trips, is left behind by his friends and is murdered by Ayase.

39th Delusion Trigger:

After being walked home by Rimi, Takumi has finally made up his mind. He's going to go back to his family's house so he can check up on Nanami and figure out the truth of the matter. However, he first wants to ask Rimi to accompany him as backup. The thread chose Positive here.

In the Positive Deluion, Rimi manages to get Takumi to promise to introduce her to Takumi's parents, which causes Nanami to come out of the corner she was hiding in and celebrate with Rimi. Apparently the whole thing with Shogun was an elaborate ruse to get Rimi into a relationship with Takumi. Takumi is shocked and angry about having his heart toyed with by his sister like that, but he can't stay mad after finally learning that she was safe the entire time. The three of them lock hands and walk to Takumi's house.

In the Neutral Option, Rimi is a bit flustered at the idea Takumi's parents may think they are a couple.

In the Negative Option, Rimi gives a forceful refusal of Takumi's idea, and then goes so far as to say that Takumi should not go back home and should just stay in his container house forever.