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Chase the Express

by Jonny McBane, Heinzy

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Original Thread: LP Chase the Express aka Under Siege 2.5



Let's Play Chase the Express (Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn in the US)
Chase the Express is a late Ps1 action game that combines a few ideas from other games, mainly Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid. Terrorists have taken over a hi-tech train with the French ambassador, and our hero, Jack Morton is the only one who can stop them. Sounds cheesy? It is. Awkward action, bad voice acting, puzzles (because why not) and a scenic train trip through Europe. This is gonna go off the rails!

The Let's Player
I've played this game before, but my co-commentator Heinzy knows nothing about it (which is good, since there are some hilarious cutscenes in store for him). Since this is a Finnish/Swedish joint lp, our schedules makes (around) one episode per week possible.

If you were one of the five people that played this, please don't spoil the predictable plot for anyone else.


Ep1 - Once in a Blue Harvest
Ep2 - Just Russian Through
Ep3-1 - Saving the Family
Ep3-2 - Missile Commander
Ep4 - New Blood
Ep5 - Crossbow Carl
Ep6 - Lasers and robots?
Ep7 - The Postal Dude
Ep8 - Rayman Origins
Ep9 - I'm Rich Biatch!
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