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Part 1


EDIT: This is a PS2 Choaniki LP, all other materials posted in order to be archived when everything is done. UPDATES ON THE THREAD BELOW THE BONUS JACKS.

It all started in a console called PC engine. It was also known as the Turbografx, it had games such as Lords of Thunder and the most awesome version of Castlevania Dracula X: Rondo of Blood, which kicks major ass. It also was the console where the first two Ys games got kicking rad redbook audio.

The console also had the first two Choaniki games.



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First of the shmups in the series. First game in the series. Relatively tame to what it would come later. Masaya made a relatively straightforward thing. Relatively. Yes.

I played it. Emulation issues made it harder than it needed to be.

Level 1
Same level, success
Second level
Second level. Success.
Level 3, featuring Thomas the Tank Engine's gay cousin.
Third level, victory.
Fourth level failure.
Fourth Level cheating.
Fifth level

The first game was not as weird as what was to come later. No.

Have Jacks.

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Update 1: Fire. Dragons. Lighters. A peeing statue.
Update 2: A mine, a mole and the statue of liberty.
Update 3: Forest of tanuki ballspiders.
Update 4: Undersea
Update 5: Welcome to Japan?
Udate 6: Cats
Update 7: Alice
Update 8: The museum of Fine Arts and Crafts
Update 9: Flower Garden
Update 10 Boss rush
Update 11: LAST BOSS