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Cho Aniki

by Luisfe

Part 2

Then came the second one, which may be the best in the series. Also on the PC Engine.

Its name was AI CHO ANIKI.
Love: Super Big Brother. Great music. Absolute descent into madness.
Also the most unconventional shmup I've played, mixing genre conventions of shmups and fighting games. It is... Strange. Yes.

It is different.

Click here for the full 687x692 image.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4, first try
Level 4, success.

Unlike the first game, there were no emulation issues with this une. Unlike the first game, this one is not available on the Virtual Console. Shame.
It is a better game.

have another bonus Jack.

Edit: Bonus Jack added.

Click here for the full 460x483 image.